Master of Science MSc and M.Sc In – Human Resources and Change Management

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  • 120 ECTS
  • Sept. 2022
  • 24 Months
  • FR
  • €12 500

Sandwich-course - French or English


2nd years in initial course ( including work-study internship) or sandwich-course* (3 weeks in the company and 1 week in class)​ and in French.

This programme is aimed at students who wish to acquire both managerial and strategic skills in order to reach high-level management positions in Human Resources. A l’issue du programme, les étudiants obtiennent le Master of Science (M.Sc In) d’EDC Paris Business School et le titre RNCP niveau 7 « Manager de développement des RH » de SUP des RH.


→ Identify the needs, the populations concerned and their state of acceptance and resistance to transformation

→ Choosing the most appropriate levers in terms of communication and training while preserving your social climate

→ Finding men capable of leading the boat and directing your transformations.

Career opportunities

→ HR Manager
→ HR Development Officers
→ Project manager or HR consultant
→ Research and HR forecasting managers

Tuition fees

September 2022: Master 1 and 2: €25 000 for a work-study or apprenticeship course

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Program M.Sc In - Master of Science RH and Change Management


Cours EDC

→ Managing collective change
→ International HRM
→ Organization, HR & Transformation
→ The coach posture
→ Intercultural management & diversity
→ Emotional Intelligence and CSR
→ Transversal management
→ English for business
→ Thesis methodology
→ Strategic management
→ Innovation management
→ Business game simulation
→ Financial analysis
→ Corporate finance
→ Managing IS & processes
→ Performance management

Cours Sup des RH

→ Block 1: HR strategy
→ Block 2. GPEC
→ Block 3: Managing teams in a context of change
→ Block 4: Managing safety and well-being at work
→ Block 5: Managing social relations at work
→ Block 6: Managing social dialogue
→ Block 7: Managing remuneration and the wage bill
→ Bloc 8. Piloter la rémunération et la masse salariale

Assessment procedures

Students are evaluated in many different ways throughout their course:

Exams are specific to the teaching cycle: thereafter, students are evaluated mainly through case studies, role-plays and project presentations.

In the 5th year, students submit an End of Studies Thesis (EST) and defend it before a jury composed of two professors. The validation of the EST is one of the requirements for the diploma.

More generally, we use the following six levels of cognitive skill to evaluate our students:

Understand: quizzes, pairing exercises, etc.
Recognise / Know: quizzes, pairing exercises, etc.
Apply: (practical exercises, simulations, etc.)
Analyse: (problem-solving, case studies, etc.)
Evaluate: (case studies, critiques, etc.)
Create: (projects, etc.)

Professors award bonus points for active participation in class or in remote sessions when students contribute to a discussion forum.

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