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  • 120 ECTS
  • March 2022 - Sept. 2022
  • 24 Months
  • FR or EN
  • €12,500 € (March 2022) / €13,500 € (Sept. 2022)

Degree at bac+5 level


The Master of Science MSc and M.Sc In degrees offered at EDC Paris Business School are innovative programmes that build on an initial degree and strengthen expertise in a specialised field or sector.

The program can be pursued in French or English (English Track)*.
* For students with a good level of English (it is not necessary to be bilingual at the start).



  • Initial course or sandwich-course through a professionalization contract and French course

Corporate Finance*
Commercial Management and Business Development*
Business Project Management*
Innovation & Entrepreneuriat*
Audit and Management Control*
Marketing Digital*
E-business and Digital Transformation (bilingual)
Human Resources in Organizational Transformation (bilingual)
Luxury Management (hybride)

*1st and 2nd years in initial alternating internship or work-study (at a rate of 3 weeks in the company and 1 week in class) and in French, through a professionalization contract (1 week of class and 3 weeks in the company).
* The training in these programmes can be carried out in alternation by a professionalization contract, in accordance with the French law. It is not open to first-time students. Indeed, to be eligible for this scheme, foreign students must spend their first year studying in France in initial training.

  • Work-linked courses in English only

MSc Data Science & Business Analysis

  • Initial and English course only

MSc Finance
MSc International Business
MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Strategic Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
Global Sports Management

  • Luxury courses in initial and English only

MSc Fashion and Luxury Business
MSc Food and Wine International Management
MSc Global Luxury Brand Management


→ Offer solid general management training based on an experiential and innovative pedagogy

→ Develop innovative, responsible and transdisciplinary leaders (the humanists of the 21st century)

→ Integrate a high-level professionalization dimension via work-study programs, internships, missions within companies and personal development courses (“soft skills”)

→ Benefit from the reputation and know-how of EDC Paris Business School in management and entrepreneurship



→ Semester 1

Semester of common core courses:

  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Finance d’entreprise
  • Strategic diagnosis
  • Management information system and project management
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Self actualization
  • Business English

→ Semester 2

  • Specialization courses



→ Semester 3 to 4

  • Specialization courses

Choice of courses

→ Initial course or sandwich-course

  • Initial course
  • Sandwich-course through a professionalization contract (Master of Science M.Sc In 2 = Rhythm: 1 week in school and 3 weeks in a company)

Assessment procedures

Students are evaluated in many different ways throughout their course:

The type of examination is adapted to the level of teaching: during the 1st cycle, examinations (Multiple Choice, tests of knowledge, practical exercises) mainly aim to confirm knowledge acquisition. Later, students are mainly evaluated through case studies, role-play exercises and presentation of project work.

Each placement requires a report to be written demonstrating that the relevant skills have been acquired.

In the 5th year, students submit an End of Studies Thesis (EST) and defend it before a jury composed of two professors. The validation of the EST is one of the requirements for the diploma.

More generally, we use the following six levels of cognitive skill to evaluate our students:

Understand: quizzes, pairing exercises, etc.
Recognise / Know: quizzes, pairing exercises, etc.
Apply: (practical exercises, simulations, etc.)
Analyse: (problem-solving, case studies, etc.)
Evaluate: (case studies, critiques, etc.)
Create: (projects, etc.)

Professors award bonus points for active participation in class or in remote sessions when students contribute to a discussion forum.

Participate in an event


Professional experience

Alternating internship

An alternating internship is halfway between a classic internship and a work-study program. It generally lasts longer than a simple internship (6 to 10 months), and the student’s status is not the same as in the case of a sandwich course.

The alternating internship must take place according to the training schedule, i.e. 3 weeks in the company / 1 week in the training program. The host organization can pay for the student’s training costs in full, in part or not at all. This negotiation takes place between the student and the company.

The school can intervene as a support. In all cases, as the internship is longer than 2 months, the student receives a salary at least equivalent to the legal salary in force.

The interest of the alternating internship is that it constitutes an immersion in the professional world which allows the student to put into practice his theoretical knowledge.

Work-study basis

The apprenticeship contract is a written employment contract of limited duration (CDL) or unlimited duration (CDI) between an employee and an employer. It allows the apprentice to follow a sandwich course in a company under the responsibility of an apprentice master and in an apprentice training center (CFA) for 6 months to 3 years.

The apprenticeship contract must follow the training schedule, i.e. 3 weeks in the company / 1 week of training.

Since January 1, 2020, the cost of the training is covered by the skills operators (OPCO), according to a level set by the professional branches according to the field of activity of the title or diploma in question (or, failing that, by decree, particularly when the training has never been provided in apprenticeship).

For contracts lasting more than one year, the cost of the training is covered for each year of the contract. Coverage is granted on a pro rata basis for the last year of the contract. When the duration of the contract is less than one year, the amount is calculated on a pro rata basis according to the level of annual support.

In the event of early termination of the apprenticeship contract, payment is made on a pro rata basis for the duration of the apprenticeship contract. Any month of the contract started is due.

This formula allows the student to acquire a unique long-term experience as a real company employee (1 week at school – 3 weeks in the company). In addition, it guarantees a salary between 27 and 100 of the SMIC depending on age and level of study.

The advantage of an apprenticeship contract is that it combines theoretical instruction at school with practical experience in a company. It thus enables the student to obtain a qualified diploma at the end of his or her studies.

Validation of acquired experience (VAE)

Professionals can apply to have their skills acquired in a professional situation recognized through a VAE process.

For more information, contact our Admissions Department by email at or by phone at +33(0)7 64 77 50 38





For french students

  • 1st year: for holders of a Bac +3 minimum, and professionals wishing to take on key responsibilities in a short-term project.
  • 2nd year: for holders of a Bac +4 minimum, and professionals wishing to take on key responsibilities in a short-term project.

→ Admission on application and motivational interview.

For international students

  • 1st year: for holders of a Bac +3 minimum, and professionals wishing to take on key responsibilities in a short-term project.
  • 2nd year: for holders of a Bac +4 minimum, and professionals wishing to take on key responsibilities in a short-term project.

→ Admission on application and motivational interview.

Tuition fees

MARCH 2022

– French and international students :
→ Master 1 et 2 : 25 000 € / Master 2 : 15 000 €*


– French and international students:
→ Master 1 et 2 : 28 500 € / Master 2 : 15 300 €*

*tariffs for the 2021/2022 academic year

For more information, the admissions department offers personalised appointments by telephone on +33 1 46 93 02 70 or by e-mail


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      • Possibilité d’obtenir un titre RNCP* de niveau 1 (Niveau 7 – Nomenclature européenne) équivalent à un niveau Bac +5
      • Parcours conjuguant agilité, conduite du changement et développement personnel / leadership
      • 66% en moyenne de nos étudiants en cycle master en alternance
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