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Definition and general objectives


Chairs were originally linked to the ecclesiastical sphere before being taken over by the academic world in the 16th century. Asking companies to support university Chairs and to contribute to financing higher education only began in the 20th century .

EDC Chairs

Our philosophy

At EDC Paris Business School we favour teaching and applied research chairs in order to meet the needs of partner companies, at the same time boosting the impact of our work on the development of our region. With this in mind, all our chairs are thus linked either to specialisations of our Grande Ecole or Bachelor programs or to dedicated programs.

At EDC Paris Business School, we are developing two types of chair:

Multi-sponsor chairs (maximum 6 contributors) in line with our differentiation areas

->“Entrepreneurship & Business Development” Chair:

    • What are the key factors for entrepreneurial success?
    • How can an intrapreneurial culture be developed?
    • How can new fields be opened up?
    • Entrepreneurship & family firms? …

->“Innovation & Digital” Chair:

    • Which business models are innovative / disruptive?
    • What impact does digital technology have on company strategies and value chains?
    • How is digital technology revolutionising marketing? …

->“Performance @360°” Chair :

    • What are the drivers of financial/economic, HR, operational, societal and environmental performance?
    • How can we adopt a global approach to performance?

->Sport Business” Chair

Chairs (with one or several sponsors) jointly developed with our partners

->Cartier – Sup de Luxe” Chair

->Chair ” Vranken Pommery Monopole


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