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EDC uses cookies. These cookies allow us to improve and personalise your browsing experience and provide you with certain features. This site also allows third-party cookies to be used in order to analyse your browsing on this site for statistical purposes and to measure the audience. Please note that you may withdraw your consent at any time. For more information, please see here. You can give your consent or refusal for the use of cookies, or manage their settings by clicking here. 

Right of access and objection

In accordance with regulations, you have the right to access and object to data about you.

You can object to cookies requiring your consent (cookies to optimise the advertising content that is shown to you, social network cookies, etc.) via the method described below using your browser's cookie settings, private browsing mode, or your browser's "Do Not Track" setting.

Depending on your browser, you have options to accept or reject cookies from any given source or origin or ask for your consent each time a cookie is placed on your device.
However, disabling cookies may prevent certain sections of the website from functioning correctly.

Please see your browser's instructions and manuals for more information.


- If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu and select Internet Options. Go to the Privacy tab and then, under Settings, move the slider all the way up to block all cookies and then tap or click OK.

For more information, you can go to Microsoft support or browser help. 

- If you use Firefox for Mac, in the Preferences menu option, select Privacy and go to the Show Cookies section. For Windows, in the Tools menu option, select Options, go to Privacy, and then "Use custom configuration for history". Tick the Accept cookies option to enable them and untick the option to disable them. 

For more information, you can go to Mozilla support or browser help.

- If you use Safari, iOS 8, click Settings, select Safari and then "Block cookies". Select "Always Allow", "Allow from Websites I Visit", "Allow from Current Website Only" or "Always Block". In iOS 7 or earlier, select "Never," "From third parties and advertisers" or "Always." 

For more information, you can go to Safari support or browser help. 

- If you use Google Chrome, in the Tools menu option, selecting Setup (Mac Preferences), show the Advanced options and, in the Privacy section, tick Cookies in the Content Setup dialog. To block all cookies, select "Do not allow sites to save data".

For more information, you can go to Google Support or browser help. 

EDC and third parties that EDC has chosen to use the information obtained through cookies to provide you with advertisements tailored to your preferences.

To express or revise your choices, refer to your browser's help menu or preferences section.

Find out more ?
EDC will process your personal information to contact you and to inform you about the program of your choice for the upcoming two terms. Afterwards, your data will be deleted.

You may exercise the rights of access, deletion, rectification, opposition, limitation and portability, by post to EDC, Post office box 221 of Barcelona, or by email to Likewise, if the interested party considers it appropriate, they can lodge a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Moreover, you can contact our Data Protection Manager by email to, or by post to Grupo Planeta, At.: Data Protection Manager, Avda. Diagonal 662-664, 08034 Barcelona.