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Master of Science M.Sc In – Business Development & Management Commercial

BAC +5
  • 150 ECTS
  • September 2024 / March 2024
  • 1 or 2 years
  • French
  • Starting at 15 600 €
  • Paris - La Défense

in initial course (including work-study internship) or work-study program*

Implement business development
strategies to win and retain customers
and conquer new markets.

1st and 2nd years: initial training, in French, and alternating internship or work-study program (3 weeks in the company and 1 week in class).

RNCP 36150 – Marketing and sales manager for luxury products and services – EDC Paris Business School diploma*


→ Learn to develop new markets in France and abroad

→ Control the sales cycle.

→ Master complex negotiation and sales techniques with a particular focus on key accounts.

→ Deal with real problems experienced in the company.

→ Know how to lead a network and manage a team.

THE ADVANTAGES OF M.Sc in Management commercial & Business Développement program

→ Business challenge offered to students by a large company.
→ A very broad approach to business development in both BtoB and BtoC.
→ Personalized support with a high-level “sparring partner” in monitoring your strategic project.

For which careers ?

→ Key Account Manager
→ Commercial Manager
→ Sales Engineer
→ Business Developer
→ Business Engineer
→ Key account sales representatives

Master Commercial Management and Business Development

Program 2024-2025

1st year - semester 1

→ Ethics and solidarity
→ Corporate finance
→ Strategic diagnosis of the company
→ Management information system and project management
→ Entrepreneurial ecosystem
→ Self-awareness and personal development
→ Business English

1st year - semester 2

→ Consumer behavior
→ From strategy to commercial action plan
→ Communication
→ Brand management
→ Strategic marketing
→ Professional and career effectiveness
→ Business English

2nd year - semester 3

→ Fundamentals of commercial negotiations
→ Project management in an international context
→ Personal development and self-awareness
→ Intrapreneurship
→ To federate and motivate people
→ Professional and career effectiveness
→ End of studies thesis
→ Business English

2nd year - semester 4


→ Key account management
→ VSelling value creation to customers
→ ‘Blue ocean‘ strategy
→ International business development
→ Management of sales team
→ Business Game
→ Business English


Students are evaluated in many different ways throughout their course:

The type of examination is adapted to the level of teaching: during the 1st cycle, examinations (Multiple Choice, tests of knowledge, practical exercises) mainly aim to confirm knowledge acquisition. Later, students are mainly evaluated through case studies, role-play exercises and presentation of project work.

Each placement requires a report to be written demonstrating that the relevant skills have been acquired.

In the 5th year, students submit an End of Studies Thesis (EST) and defend it before a jury composed of two professors. The validation of the EST is one of the requirements for the diploma.

More generally, we use the following six levels of cognitive skill to evaluate our students:

Understand: quizzes, pairing exercises, etc.
Recognise / Know: quizzes, pairing exercises, etc.
Apply: (practical exercises, simulations, etc.)
Analyse: (problem-solving, case studies, etc.)
Evaluate: (case studies, reviews, etc.)
Create: (projects, etc.)

Professors award bonus points for active participation in class or in remote sessions when students contribute to a discussion forum.



There are no bridges or equivalencies: any registration in the program requires you to take all the modules.


If you wish to continue your studies after theM.Sc In Management Commercial & Business Development, its possible ! For example, subject to the necessary prerequisites, you can decide to do a PhD or a Master of Science in another specialty of your choice

To find out about all the options available, click here.

Rate of the training

→ September 2024 : Master 1 et 2 : 26 800 € / Master 2 : 16 000 €

Find out about the different financing options.

Registration deadline : according to the terms of the competition or on the first day of the program except for students requiring a visa (8 weeks before school starts).

*This program grants the title of Manager Marketing et Commercial en produits et services de luxe, registered at RNCP 36150 by decree on 26/01/2022, level 7 professional certification, for anyone who has joined the Master of Science starting in the Spring of 2022. The granting of the RNCP title is the responsibility of the certifier and is subject to a specific procedure.

Chiffres actualisés en 2022

Graduation rate: 75%** – Number of students: 15* – Satisfaction rate: 4/5** – Dropout rate: 4%**.

Survey return rate: 71%* – Professional integration rate: 73%*.

*students in the final year of the specialization in 2021

**students class of 2021