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Research activities are at the heart of EDC Paris Business School's strategy. Quite logically, our team of professors and researchers is strongly focused on producing research articles, draft papers and case studies, while seminars and workshops are held to promote our collaborative work.

Our research is nourished by two convictions and one choice.

The first idea that we unanimously share is to encourage researchers to produce intellectual contributions of many kinds. Naturally, articles in the best journals take pride of place, but presentations at conventions and workshops, along with case studies, book chapters, and manuals are also important areas of research. The second conviction is the strong need to link research with pedagogy, and to link research with the corporate world. This dual anchorage naturally gives rise to research activities whose usefulness is measured by the impact they produce.

Our choice was to bring together professors/researchers in Entrepreneurship and in Markets and Organisations, two fields which are central to EDC Paris Business School's identity. Of course, professors make contributions in all areas of management, but the glue that binds team members is businesses creation and entrepreneurship in general.

All researchers work together in a single laboratory, the OCRE Research Laboratory (Entrepreneurial Observatory and Research Centre).

Jean-Pierre HELFER, President of the Scientific Committee

Scientific council

An international scientific council guides and encourages faculty members in the development of their research activities.

Highly qualified university researchers who evaluate and guide the research policy at EDC Paris Business School. The scientific council meets on a regular basis. Discussions are based on research, academic practices, the impact of research on professional practices, methods for stimulating research, and recruitment of professors. The external perspective provided by the scientific council generally extends to an audit of the school’s general strategy and the implementation of the policy.

Close ties with faculty members. The scientific council’s conclusions and recommendations are compiled in a report. School management and research management refer to the Council’s suggestions in defining the school’s academic positioning.

The scientific council is presided over by Jean-Pierre Helfer and is composed of highly qualified researchers who use their in-depth knowledge of the global research environment to guide and assess the research work carried out at EDC Paris Business School.

Jean Pierre Helfer
President of the Scientific Council and Director of Research at EDC Paris Business School.

Frank Bournois
General Director of ESCP Europe.

William Hurst
General Director of EDC Paris Business School

Bruno Van Pottelsberghe De La Potterie
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Michel Kalika
Professor at IAE Lyon (Jean Moulin University), President of BSI

Patrick Hetzel
Rector, Professor at Université Paris II, Panthéon-Assas

Zied Ftiti
Professor at EDC Paris Business School, Director of the OCRE Research Laboratory

Yvon Gasse
Professor at Laval University, Quebec, Canada

OCRE Research Laboratory

The OCRE Research Laboratory headed by professor Zied Ftiti is EDC Paris Business School’s research centre, and it regroups all of its research professors. It is the platform for implementing the school's research policy.

The OCRE Research Laboratory’s mission is to generate applicable knowledge that will have an academic, practical and pedagogical impact. The academic part is voiced via the publication of articles in scientific journals and the production of communications among researchers’ networks. The practical aspects are illustrated by the advances in managerial practices made possible by the presence of researchers in professional circles. The pedagogical side is observed with the creation of courses and the integration of research findings into these courses.

Professors meet regularly in sessions jointly chaired by Jean-Pierre Helfer, Director of Research, and Zied Ftiti (Director of the OCRE Research Laboratory) to:

  • discuss their fields of research and methods used;
  • work collectively on the school’s focal research fields;
  • welcome the qualified researchers, who come to share their expertise, on a theme or methodology; 
  • make exchanges with their colleagues at the partner research centre Thema, at the University of Cergy-Pontoise;
  • work collectively in defining the best procedures for conducting research at the school and promote intellectual contributions which meet the highest international standards.

EDC Paris Business School has defined areas of specialisation that are closely linked to the school's identity and the expertise of its researchers. Two main themes, subdivided into sub-sets, are emphasized :

  • Entrepreneurship (Advising professor Marie Gomez-Breysse)
    • Entrepreneurial behaviour
    • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Markets and organisations (Advising professor Claudia Urdari)
    • Financial modelling and behavioural marketing
    • Organisational behaviour

Beyond these focal points, researchers at the OCRE Research Laboratory also work in other fields, especially different forms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Research partnerships provide opportunities to combine ideas and create joint projects. An example of this is the Thema Research Centre at the University of Cergy Pontoise and the IHEC laboratory in Carthage.

NewsOCRE Research Laboratory News

30.10.20 OCRE

EDC Group to provide 100% distance learning by October 30, 2020

EDC Group to provide 100% distance learning by October 30, 2020
22.07.20 OCRE

EDC Paris Business School offers you a new chance to join its Grande École programme in February 2021 thanks to its deferred admission !

A new chance to be admitted to a great school! EDC Paris Business School offers you the opportunity to join its Grande Ecole programme in February 2021 thanks to its staggered start to the school year.
14.09.20 OCRE

#Proud2EDC2022, a new stage in our strategic plan

#Proud2EDC2022, a new stage in our strategic plan

PERMANENT FACULTYOCRE Research Laboratory’s Scientific Committee

Courses taught: Grande Ecole Program, Specialisation Finance, Control, Audit, Specialisation Brand and Product Management, Grande Ecole Program 1st year
Courses taught: Grande Ecole Program, Specialisation Brand and Product Management, Grande Ecole Program 3rd year, Grande Ecole Program 1st year, Grande Ecole Program 2nd year
Courses taught: Specialisation International Business, Grande Ecole Program 1st year, Specialisation Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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