Erasmus scholarship

This scholarship is granted to all exchange students spending from 3 to 12 months in a European University with which EDC Paris Business School has an Erasmus+ agreement.

Students may obtain this scholarship only once during the course of their studies. They receive it at the end of their academic stay.

AMIE scholarship

The AMIE scholarship can be cumulated with other institutional aids and is granted by the Conseil Regional d’Ile de France and is available to students who go study for 3 to 10 months in a foreign country.

It is open to students who have completed 2 years of university studies prior to their departure to a foreign country. They are required to have an excellent academic and personal record. It is allocated depending on the household’s family income.

There is also the possibility to contact City Halls and Departmental General Councils. In some cases they grant aids to students who go study abroad.

EDC Merit scholarship

EDC Paris Business School Merit Scholarships: Several years ago, EDC Business School made the decision to grant scholarships to students facing socio-economic difficulties. Scholarships are awarded each year based on applications submitted to a committee in charge of reviewing the requests and granting scholarships based on criteria of academic results, diligence, family situation and financial situation.

CROUS Scholarships

Only students on the Grande Ecole Programme may apply for CROUS scholarships, as it is approved by the Ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research. In 2018/2019, 121 Grande Ecole Programme students were awarded these scholarships.

Payment facilities and banking arrangements

This initiative seeks payment solutions by staggering instalments of tuition fees. EDC PBS has also negotiated partnerships with several banks (BNP Paribas, Caisse d’Épargne, HSBC, LCL) that allow students to benefit from loan offers with prime rates.

Work-study Master’s

Work study programmes (apprenticeship, professional training contracts) allow students to combine the theoretical knowledge they gain with practical expertise with an organisation. They have the opportunity to continue their studies while benefiting from funding from the host company (including covering tuition fees). Over 200 Master’s students participated in these programmes in 2018/2019

High-level sports

Boost your career by taking it to the next level

Do you wish to pursue a career as a top-level sportsman while continuing your studies to anticipate a future reconversion? Our school gives you the means to prepare yourself in the best conditions in order to put your fighting spirit at the service of your ambition. Don't miss the opportunity to come and train to become a marketing, finance and management professional.

What we offer you in addition:

● The possibility to adjust your schedule.

● A campus where sport is in the spotlight.

● A sports office where you can meet up with rugby, golf, sailing, soccer, go-karting, tennis, athletics, horseback riding, etc. enthusiasts.

● A nautical association.

Welcome to you, future graduates driven by the desire to surpass themselves, eager to accelerate and succeed in a world of performance and demands.

Artistic professions

Take advantage of your creativity to open yourself to new projects.

You have made art your profession, make it a springboard to open yourself up to new opportunities. Make the most of your talents and your sensitivity to undertake, innovate, train yourself in digital technology, learn how to manage a company in a cutting-edge sector. Today more than ever, creativity is an essential asset to differentiate yourself: the time has come to stand out.

What we offer you in addition :

● A training that encourages initiative and autonomy.

● The possibility to follow part of your curriculum abroad.

● Global & Luxury management tracks specialized in the management of luxury brands.

● Personal development courses (self-confidence, empathy, emotional intelligence, etc.).

Welcome to you, future graduates ready to innovate to take unexpected paths, push back the walls and discover new horizons.

Students with disabilities

Access to higher education in the best conditions

Our school is mobilized on a daily basis to facilitate the success of your studies by providing you with the support and tools you need. If necessary, we adapt to your situation (motor, visual or auditory disability, illness, etc.) by creating a work environment and specific time slots to enable you to work in the best possible conditions.

What we propose to you moreover :

● Digital tools facilitating remote work.

● A specific support protocol.

● A mobilized pedagogical team and coaching.

● Possibility of tutoring during the training courses.

● Housing assistance.

Welcome to you, future committed and responsible graduates, ready to make the lines of the company and society move with as much benevolence as efficiency.

Contact for the Disability Advisor Isabelle Fontanella :

Payment facilities

Program Fees

GRANDE ECOLE PROGRAM - 5-year Master's Degree

  • Grande Ecole Program
    • 9 840 € per year (French students or from European Union)
    • 10 400 € per year (International students)

BACHELOR - 3 years

  • Bachelor in Management
    • 8 950 € per year (French students or from European Union)
    • 9 640  € per year (International students)


Initial program with alternating internships or work-study program (French or bilingual Track)

  • Finance d'entreprise: €25,000 two-year master / €15,000 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Audit and Management Control: €25,000 two-year master / €15,000 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Business Project Management: €25,000 two-year master / €15,000 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Digital Marketing: €25,000 two-year master / €15,000 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Business Development and Sales Management: €25,000 two-year master / €15,000 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Innovation et Entrepreneuriat: €25,000 two-year master
  • Human Resources in Organizational Transformation (2nd year of MSc): €15,600
  • Blended Supply Management (1st year of MSc): €10 900
  • MSc Global - Luxury Brand Management: : €39,500 two-year master / €28,000 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Fashion and Luxury Business: €33,000 two-year master / €20,000 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Food and Wine International Management: €33,000 two-year master / €20,000 admission for 2nd year of  MSc

Initial program (Full-English Track)

  • Data Sciences and Business Analysis: €26,000 two-year master / €15,600 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Corporate Finance: €26,000 two-year master / €15,600 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • International Business: €26,000 two-year master / €15,600 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: €26,000 two-year master / €15,600 admission for 2nd year of  MSc
  • Brand and Product Management: €26,000 two-year master / €15,600 admission for 2nd year of  MSc


  • International MBA (Full-English Track): €16,000
  • Executive Master in Management (French Track): €19,900


Student housing and accommodation in Paris

You will find all the types of offers available on the market. Today, you will be able to access 120,000 proposals. In addition, you will benefit from exclusive offers posted by partner owners of the school.

L' association BDE (bureau des élèves) de EDC Paris Business School

Our campus in 2021

Votre futur campus en 3D !
A new 5800 square-meter campus

The school is moving to a new campus at the heart of the La Défense business district. The relocation is a key feature of is a new milestone in the school’s development strategy.

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