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EDC Paris Business School is enhancing its program in support of the most motivated students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement.

We have therefore decided to reinforce the merit scholarships granted to students who earn honors or distinction on the 2022 French Baccalaureate:

  • For a Baccalaureate with distinction (“très bien”): 50% reduction in first-year tuition fees (PGE NAT).
  • For a Baccalaureate with honors (“bien”): 30% reduction in first-year tuition fees (PGE NAT).


      We are convinced that all students should be able to access the internet freely in order to pursue their studies in the best possible conditions. Online courses, e-learning and online research have become a part of daily life for students.

      Our school demonstrates its strong commitment to social responsibility in a very practical way by donating (not loaning, as is often the case) a laptop computer to each scholarship student starting in the first year. Numerous students will benefit from this significant initiative: last year 7% of students received a scholarship.



      Institutional Scholarships (CROUS, AMIE, ERASMUS)

      Any student can apply for grants from public bodies, which can sometimes be combined.

      Scholarshipon social criteria (CROUS)

      As an institution recognised by the State, EDC Paris Business School is entitled to receive grant students for the Bachelor and Grand Ecole courses.

      The scholarships on social criteria are intended for students of higher education in initial training, according to different levels, each corresponding to an annual amount of scholarship.

      The student is responsible for applying for the grant by filling out an online application on the CROUS de Paris website.

      Support for international student mobility (AMIE):

      It aims to help finance the stay abroad of students enrolled in a higher education institution.

      Scholarship Erasmus

      It covers the tuition and living expenses of students studying in a European country.


      Payment facilities

      The EDC Business School has set up different payment methods, such as monthly direct debits, in order to facilitate the financing of students’ schooling.

      The EDC Business School has also concluded banking agreements in order to allow students to take out bank loans without parental guarantee, at a very preferential rate and with deferred repayment.


      Discover our banking agreements

      Preferential offers reserved for EDC Paris Business School students


      Our partnership with LCL


      Our partnership with HSBC


      Our partnership with Caisse d’Epargne Ile-de-France



      The apprenticeship contract is a work-study contract that allows the student to attend classes while working part-time. It works on the principle of complementarity between theoretical courses and practical application in the world of work.

      Apprenticeships are recommended for students who have defined their career plans in advance. Since apprenticeship is paid, it also allows the student employee to finance his or her studies in full or in part.

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