MSc, Master of Science Finance

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  • 120 ECTS (60/year)
  • March. 2023 - Sept. 2023
  • 12 or 24 Months
  • English
  • Starting at 13 500 €
  • Paris - La Défense


Master the fundamentals of finance and develop your skills to work in key business functions in targeted areas of expertise such as credit management, reporting and risk management.

1st and 2nd years in the initial curriculum and in English.

Program labeled Master of Science (MSc) by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.


LEARNING Objectives

→ Provide training in auditing and management control.

→ Learn to develop financial strategies and manage budget processes.

→ Learn to manage day-to-day operations (budgeting, reporting, cash management).

→ Acquire an in-depth knowledge of contemporary financial products, markets and structures.

THE ADVANTAGES OF THE M.Sc Master of science Finance program

→ A program that includes new financial areas such as crypto-currencies, blockchain, etc.
→ Integration of ethical and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
→ Preparation for the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) certification.

For which careers ?

→ Chief Financial Officer

→ Responsible for the company’s finances

→ Financial Analyst

→ Financial advisor

→ Director of Risk and Credit

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Master Corporate finance


1st year - Semester 1

→ Sustainable Management
→ Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
→ Corporate Finance
→ Project Management & Management System Information
→ Strategic Management
→ Cross-cultural management
→ Career Development Workshops
→ Soft Skills Seminar

1st year - Semester 2

→ Financial accounting
→ Financial markets
→ IT tools for finance and visual basic for applications
→ Financial mathematics
→ Advanced corporate finance
→ Career development
→ Business English

2nd year - Semester 3

→ Leveraged buy-out and Private Equity
→ Quantitative methods for finance
→ Mergers & Acquisitions and Value Creation
→ Corporate Governance
→ Business Game dedicated to the Finance specialization
→ Career Development Workshops
→ Business Rhetoric

2nd year - Semester 4

→ Internship
→ Thesis presentation
→ Option: additional semester to obtain an MSc accredited by the ”Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”


Students are evaluated in many different ways throughout their course:

Exams are specific to the teaching cycle:thereafter, students are evaluated mainly through case studies, role-plays and project presentations.

Each placement requires a report to be written demonstrating that the relevant skills have been acquired.

In the 5th year, students submit an End of Studies Thesis (EST) and defend it before a jury composed of two professors. The validation of the EST is one of the requirements for the diploma.

More generally, we use the following six levels of cognitive skill to evaluate our students:

Understand: quizzes, pairing exercises, etc.
Recognise / Know: quizzes, pairing exercises, etc.
Apply: (practical exercises, simulations, etc.)
Analyse: (problem-solving, case studies, etc.)
Evaluate: (case studies, reviews, etc.)
Create: (projects, etc.)

Professors award bonus points for active participation in class or in remote sessions when students contribute to a discussion forum.

Rate of the training

→ September 2023 : Master 1 and 2 : 27 000 € / Master 2 : 16 500 €

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