Master of Science M.Sc In – Global Sports Management

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  • 180 ECTS
  • Sept. 2023
  • 24 Months
  • English
  • €13 000



Become an international sports business professional.

English course only

In response to the growing demand from the sports business market for trained high-level managers with an international profile, particularly in anticipation of the organization of major world sporting events in France (Rugby World Cup “France 2023”, Olympic Games “PARIS 2024”), EDC Paris Business School offers an M.Sc In program in English and with an international vocation, in conjunction with the expertise of SMS in the sports industry.

The program, which combines the academic rigor of EDC Paris Business School with the professional expertise of the Sports Management School, offers students the opportunity to exchange with other students of the group worldwide in order to acquire multicultural expertise and experience regarding the challenges of the sector.

LEARNING Objectives

→ To train tomorrow’s managers with a global and operational vision of the sports business sector

→ To develop a diverse knowledge of the sports sector (sports marketing, sponsoring etc.)

→ To train managers with the ability to have a global vision in order to anticipate and implement changes

→ To provide future sports business managers and leaders with the best strategic thinking skills.

Career opportunities

→ Responsable Marketing
→ Sales & Business Development Coordinator
→ Head of partnerships / sponsors
→ Project Manager
→ Event Manager

Tuition fees

September 2023 : Master 1 and 2 : €26 000

Master 2 : €15 600

Participate in an event


Master Corporate Finance


1st year - Semester 1

→ Corporate finance
→ Ethics, CSR and Sustainability
→ Entrepreneurship ecosystem
→ Strategic management
→ MIS and project management
→ Business English
→ Self development

1st year - Semester 2

→ Business Development
→ Human Ressources Management
→ Entrepreunerial finance and accounting management
→ Supply Chain Management
→ Big Data and Knowledge management
→ Business English
→ Career developement

2nd year - Semester 3

→ Mastering global landscape and strategic models of sport business industries
→ Understanding sociology and history of sport
→ Managing corporate finance and performance in the sport business industry
→ Defining sport businesses branding strategy
→ Sport Tourism development
→ Sport Marketing and sponsorship
→ Mastering digital marketing and analytics in sport business
→ French or English as a foreign language
→ Personal and career development
→ Research methods

2nd year - Semester 4

→ Mastering the specificities of sport good products
→ Sport facilities operations Management
→ Managing sport business retail in a multichannel perspective
→ Sports Product Management
→ Managing sports events
→ Esports management
→ French or English as a foreign language
→ Personal and career development