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Master of Science M.Sc In – Global Sports Management

BAC +5
  • 150 ECTS
  • September 2024
  • 24 Months
  • English
  • € 27 800


This program combines the academic rigor of EDC Paris Business School with the professional expertise of Sports Management School. You will acquire a multicultural expertise to face the challenges of the sector.

Curriculum in English only.


The program is labelled MSc – Master of Science by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year)

CGE RVB 2msc-master-of-science



→ To train tomorrow’s managers with a global and operational vision of the sports business sector

→ To develop a diverse knowledge of the sports sector (sports marketing, sponsoring etc.)

→ To train managers with the ability to have a global vision in order to anticipate and implement changes

→ To provide future sports business managers and leaders with the best strategic thinking skills.

PROS OF THE PROGRAM M.Sc in Global Sports Management

→ Marketing cases related to current sporting events and an overview of major international sporting events.
→ A program that combines theory and practice, led by sports experts.

For which careers?

→ Responsable Marketing
→ Sales & Business Development Coordinator
→ Head of partnerships / sponsors
→ Project Manager
→ Event Manager

Master Corporate Finance

Program 2024-2025

1st year - Semester 1

→ Corporate finance
→ Ethics, CSR and Sustainability
→ Entrepreneurship ecosystem
→ Strategic management
→ MIS and project management
→ Business English
→ Self development

1st year - Semester 2

→ Business Development
→ Human Ressources Management
→ Entrepreunerial finance and accounting management
→ Supply Chain Management
→ Big Data and Knowledge management
→ Business English
→ Career developement

2nd year - Semester 3

→ Mastering global landscape and strategic models of sport business industries
→ Understanding sociology and history of sport
→ Managing corporate finance and performance in the sport business industry
→ Defining sport businesses branding strategy
→ Sport Tourism development
→ Sport Marketing and sponsorship
→ Mastering digital marketing and analytics in sport business
→ French or English as a foreign language
→ Personal and career development
→ Research methods

2nd year - Semester 4

→ Mastering the specificities of sport good products
→ Sport facilities operations Management
→ Managing sport business retail in a multichannel perspective
→ Sports Product Management
→ Managing sports events
→ Esports management
→ French or English as a foreign language
→ Personal and career development



There are no bridges or equivalencies: any registration in the program requires you to take all the modules.


If you wish to continue your studies after theM.Sc In Global Sports Management, it’s possible ! For example, subject to the necessary prerequisites, you can decide to do a PhD or a Master of Science in another specialty of your choice

To find out about all the options available to you after your diploma click here.

Rate of the training

→ September 2023 : Master 1 et 2 : 27 800 €

Find out about the different financing options.

Registration deadline : according to the terms of the competition or on the first day of the program except for students requiring a visa (8 weeks before school starts).

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