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Executive Master Grande Ecole

Notre programme Executive Master in Management est la déclinaison proposée en Formation continue de notre programme Grande Ecole

Develop your employer brand by presenting your company and its various jobs to our students. These meetings are full of lively discussions. They provide an opportunity to promote what makes your company special and to introduce our graduates to the reality of the professional world.

Immersive training program

Summer sessions

“Sup de Luxe”, France’s leading school in the luxury sector, offers an immersive 5-day training program during the summer.

The “Summer sessions” allow students to learn about the evolving strategies of a business representing more than 1300 billion euros in sales as well as the crucial role of creativity in the development of luxury brands.

An intensive week of classes, meetings and workshops with key players in these professions.


→ To make future managers aware of the major role of creation in luxury brands.
→ Acquire a global knowledge of the luxury industry and its activities.
→ Instill in participants the desire to join a fast-growing sector.


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