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The Organisation

The primary aim of Réalités is to raise awareness of the multiple humanitarian causes among students at EDC Paris Business School and inspire them to help on a small or large scale.

Our ambition through Réalités is to show students that, with a little time and willpower, it is possible to significantly improve the daily lives of people in need.

We want to transmit the desire to help in a durable way in everyday life..


Our actions

We raised money for the “CANCER DU SEIN PARLONS EN” association (Let’s Talk About Breast Cancer):

A breakfast was held at EDC Paris Business School to raise awareness of breast cancer screening among students and to raise funds for research.
A sum of €253 was raised thanks to the breakfast.

Oriental lunch:
In partnership with the “Yes We Care” association.
A lunch was organised to help provide schooling for children in Egypt.

A breakfast was organised to raise awareness ofscreening and inform and alert students.
In addition, explanatory videos were made available via the Learning Hub.

Toy collection:
A toy collection was organised to provide gifts for children during the festive season.

Upcoming event

  • Sale of roses (14 February).
  • Women’s Day: Activities proposed (films, documentaries, conferences). The aim is to provide information about the fight for women’s rights in the past and present, raise awareness and take action to recognize, heal and celebrate women.
  • Event to present the AMAL association.
  • Humanitarian work in Morocco with the AMAL association for special needs children with mental disabilities.

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