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The Organisation

Curious about EDC Promo?

The association promotes EDC Paris Business School among future students by organising events (trade fairs, exhibitions, open days) and on social media.

EDC Promo also provides opportunities for networking, developing interpersonal skills, building confidence and discovering our wonderful school and its values.

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The Organisation

Our association has been in existence for over twenty years and plays an essential role in promoting EDC Paris Business School. It is composed of five divisions: Communication, Sésame and Passerelle competitive exams, Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and Events.

It also structured in three categories:

  • The main committee: chaired by 4th-year student Sofia Erfad. With Laura Malaspina as vice president, Chloé Lacombe as secretary, Maeliss Daudin as treasurer and Fiona Koullayes as a consultant (see our photo below)
  • Staff members: chosen by the committee and divided between the different divisions
  • Active members

Joining is easy, just ask to join and be willing to get involved!

Registration for new members often occurs after the first-year induction weekend in October. This allows future members to choose the associations they are interested in.

Although our main role is to participate in a variety of events (trade fairs, exhibitions, open days and evenings), EDC Promo is also involved in other activities in partnership with other school associations and outside organisations. We regularly organise activities including breakfasts, lunches and evening events. For example, during pink October, EDC Promo partnered with the charity Réalités to organise a breakfast event and raise over €250 for the foundation “Le cancer du sein parlons-en” (Breast Cancer, Let’s Talk About It!). 

Upcoming events

Several trade fairs throughout the year:

  • 29 January
  • 31-2 February
  • 5-6 February

A themed lunch exploring oriental flavours is planned for February with Open Up, an EDC Paris Business School association that welcomes foreign exchange students.

There will be an egg hunt at the school in April.


Something new at EDC Paris Business School… The Student Organisation Trophy

Each association selects 1 to 4 of their events to receive a grade out of 100 points. The association then earn points for participating in one of these events.

At the end of the competition, the association with the most points wins a special award.

Now it’s up to you! Get involved!

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