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They created the start-up Pépite, the “Tinder of fashion”, and have great ambitions

A model of success for student entrepreneurs

Charly Obligis and Aodren Le Bail-Collet met in the lecture halls at EDC Paris BS. They are now in their 4th year, members of the Student-Entrepreneur Track (a specific support measure), and recently launched the Pépite application. Much like during their studies, the two creators have made the most of the resources and measures available to business creators.

A mobile application that hunts out young French fashion designers

They have dreamed up, designed and created a mobile application for discovering and buying trendy clothing based on the Tinder-style swipe.
With more than 1,000 items on offer from around 40 young French designers, Pépite is already taking its place as the leading mobile fashion platform.

It has received rave reviews from the “Le Bonbon” blog, won over by its fresh, simple concept. “…as they juggle their classes, the app and phonecalls from designers, the two founders represent a new generation of entrepreneurs, and we love it!”

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