EDC Paris Business School opens 3 Master of Science (M.Sc In) at the start of the 2020 academic year

Common educational content

These 3 programs in 2 years are taught entirely in English and have been designed around a common base. Thus the first year of the M.Sc In Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the M.Sc In International Business are built around the same disciplines (social, ethical and corporate responsibility, strategic diagnosis, supply chain management, career development, etc.) as is the first semester of the M.Sc In Corporate Finance, which is common to the other courses. Specialisations are offered in the second year.


M.Sc In Corporate Finance

This M.Sc In provides a solid theoretical basis and relevant practical work to enable students to integrate the fundamentals of finance and develop their skills to carry out their missions in a cross-disciplinary dimension taking into account the enhancement of an ethical and legal environment.

This training opens the doors to numerous career opportunities as financial analyst, trader, risk manager, financial consultant, etc.


M.Sc In International Business

This programme aims to provide students with the keys necessary to perform in an international environment with knowledge of the cultural and geopolitical characteristics of a given sector. At the end of this training and thanks to the skills acquired in managing multicultural projects, managing international teams or promoting their ability to take advantage of business opportunities in today’s world, this M.Sc In will enable graduates to apply for positions as import/export manager, business developer, consultant in strategy, management, logistics, etc.


M.Sc Innovation & Entrepreneurship

This training will enable students to understand and analyse an environmental context, to become aware of the feasibility of a project taking into account internal and external constraints when writing business plans and, finally, to organise a project that will improve the growth of companies. Students will learn how to develop and lead projects with an entrepreneurial approach, to identify the risks and opportunities inherent to these projects and to manage teams.

This course trains students to become project managers, SME-SMI CEOs, assistant sales/finance directors, business strategy managers, etc.


Practical details

Candidates for these three programmes will have to show a bac+3 (or equivalent) diploma for the first year and a bac+4 diploma for the second year. The registration fee for each M.Sc In is 25 000€ for the two years of training.




Sessions d’information mentoring


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