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EDC Group to provide 100% distance learning by October 30, 2020

100% of courses provided for students in France or abroad

EDC Paris Business School, Sup de Luxe and Sports Management School will offer 100% distance learning courses from 30 October 2020 via the BlackBoard platform. All teachers and students have access to adapted and modern teaching tools until the confinement is lifted.

Since the start of the school year, all classes have been equipped with webcams, which has enabled foreign and confined students to follow live or deferred distance learning courses. The different campuses had set up a strict health protocol to ensure the safety of the students without forgetting the application of barrier gestures and social distancing.

« We would like to thank all our teams for their commitment and all our students for their understanding in the face of these unexpected circumstances. It is together that we will succeed in getting through this situation. Thanks to our culture of innovation, initiative and conquest, we will get through this crisis which will help us to grow and progress. » William Hurst, Director General of the EDC Group


The EDC Group remains at your disposal throughout the duration of the confinement

  • EDC Paris Business School and ESLSCA : 01 78 42 89 60
  • SMS – Sport Management School : 01 78 42 89 61
  • Sup de Luxe : 01 78 42 89 62


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