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International course

EDC Paris Business School has always made international openness its top priority and it puts this commitment into practice in the training of its students and in the recruitment of its professors. Excellence knows no borders: our 18,500 graduates are now spread across all continents.

We have established a network of partnerships with more than 100 recognized institutions of higher learning around the world to prepare our students for high-level careers. Our students thus benefit from a solid and coherent international program that is perfectly integrated into their academic curriculum.

From the second semester of the second year, each student must complete an academic exchange of at least 6 months or an intercultural internship of at least 4 months abroad. He or she may also decide to complete a 6-month career orientation course abroad.

Finally, students have the possibility of enriching their areas of expertise and obtaining a degree from a partner university, in addition to the one awarded by the EDC Paris Business School (double degree). A unique opportunity to gain multicultural experience, build a solid network abroad and accelerate your future international career.

Global Mobility Track

The Global Mobility Track has been designed for students who want to do part of their course abroad. They can spend between 24 and 30 months on three continents (Europe, North America, Asia) and do a double degree with prestigious universites (UCLA, Berkley, McGill).

The double degree represents a genuine opportunity to develop new academic and professional skills by making the most of your multidisciplinary profile and openness to the world. A double degree represents a considerable advantage for a student wishing to join a major international group or simply to work abroad.

Today, EDC Business School offers 20 double degrees and international certifications.

Our partners

More than 100 partner universities in 45 countries

Every student can carry out an academic exchange of at least one semester up to a maximum of 30 months during their time at the School. The programs that they can take are selected on the basis of how closely they matchEDC Paris Business School’s educational approach.

With more than 100 recognised,renowned partner universities, we have put international experience at the heart of our approach.. Our partner universities can be found on three continents: Europe (Germany, the UK, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Russia, etc.), the Americas (Canada, the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, etc.) and Asia (Japan, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.)

English Track

The English Track enables students to do their entire course in English, taught by English-speaking lecturers, right from the start. Although a good level of English is requiredto enter the school, it is not necessary to be bilingual: EDC Paris Business School has introduced its own language teaching method where students make constant progress in small classes

The English Track enables the student to quickly become bilingual, to meet students from all over the world and to quickly acquire all the international professional vocabulary that will enable them to work abroad or for international companies.

The English Track is also recommended for students who wish to do some of their course in foreign universities.

L’international dans nos programmes

La dimension internationale un élément central au cœur de votre parcours et de notre programme.

Summer sessions

Sup de Luxe, France’s leading school in the luxury sector, offers an immersive 5-day training program during the summer. The “Summer sessions” allow students to learn about the evolving strategies of a business representing more than 1300 billion euros in sales as well as the crucial role of creativity in the development of luxury brands. An intensive week of classes, meetings and workshops with key players in these professions.


→ To make future managers aware of the major role of creation in luxury brands.
→ Acquire a global knowledge of the luxury industry and its activities.
→ Instill in participants the desire to join a fast-growing sector.


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