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What are the specificities of the M.Sc In Digital Marketing at EDC Paris Business School?

EDC Paris Business School offers you a Master of Science in digital marketing. In addition to your diploma, you have the possibility to obtain a level I RNCP title (Level 7, European nomenclature) equivalent to Bac +5 level.. Discover the specificities of this M.Sc In Digital Marketing in this article!


What is our Master of Science program?

You have the possibility to approach it as an initial or professionalization contract.. The work-study program at EDC Paris Business School lasts one week in class and three weeks in a company. Each year a different but complementary programme is offered:

  • In the first year, students study topics such as consumer behaviour, corporate finance, project management and brand management.
  • In the second year, they explore issues related to multi-channel marketing, storytelling, user experience and Big Data

Our program addresses the concepts of brand content, online branding, e-reputation and strategies specifically designed for the web. After successfully completing our M.Sc In Marketing Digital (Master of Science), each student must be able to lead the management of a brand, its products and/or professional events


What are the objectives of this M.Sc In Digital Marketing?

At EDC Paris Business School, we are committed to training tomorrow’s leaders and project leaders. Our objective? To promote proximity with the professional world! We create a link between what is learned in class and what the business world expects from our graduates.

The employability of our students is our priority. This is why we offer a range of Masters of Science programs including our M.Sc in Digital Marketing. Our curricula are open to work-study, programs and offer a true progressive integration into the world of work. Outre l’apport scolaire et théorique, nous proposons une véritable insertion progressive dans le monde du travail. The strong points of our training:

  • Train our students in leadership, because companies need managers and executives capable of grasping the cutting-edge issues of brand image on the web.
  • Push agile management so that our graduates are able to invest and motivate teams on innovative projects.

In the era of digital transition, the skills sought by companies are increasingly digital. The majority of consumers now begin their shopping journey on the web. Nowadays, it is no longer possible for a company to be sustainable without considering going digital.

Online visibility (showcase site, e-commerce site, blog), e-reputation (professional and general public social networks), customer opinions, content strategies and data processing are all topics that our graduates must master. And our pedagogical method allows them to become those profiles so much sought after by recruiters!


Why join EDC Paris Business School?

With 70 years of experience, EDC Paris Business School is one of the top 6 French post-baccalaureate business schools. We occupy this position thanks to our innovative teaching methods and the openness international of each of our programs: this includes of course our M.Sc In Digital Marketing (Master of Science)

There are many opportunities after an M.Sc. in Digital Marketing: brand or product manager, digital marketing manager, social media manager, etc. Our graduates can rely on our network of 2,800 partner recruiters to find their first job. They can also use our “Digital Career Center”, which offers them no less than 3,000 internship opportunities and 2,500 job offers every year.

A reference establishment in the field of entrepreneurship, we provide our students with a network of 18,500 alumni. Among these alumni, no less than 5,000 are today business leaders, not only in France but also internationally through 71 different countries. In addition, our “Corporate Relations” department maintains close ties with a large number of partner companies. So don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our M.Sc In Digital Marketing!

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