ZHONG Zeling

Assistant Professor

Status : Assistant Professor

Department : Marketing

Diplomas and specializations : Doctorate in Management Sciences, Marketingspecialization, Paris Saclay University

Research fields : The impact of NICTs on consumer behavior, Digital Marketing, Responsible digital innovation, Human-computer interaction, PLS-SEM

Courses taught : Technological innovations and cybersecurity, CRM and Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Selected publications :

  • Zhong, Z., Balagué, C. (2022). Understanding the Role of Consumer Psychological Motives in Smart Connected Objects Appropriation: A Higher Order PLS-SEM Approach. Proceedings of 2022 International Conference on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM), Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Balagué, C., Zhong, Z. (2022). The role of consumer perceptions of the ethics of machine learning in the appropriation of artificial intelligence-based Systems. Proceedings of 44th Annual INFORMS Marketing Science Conference. Chicago, United States
  • Zhong, Z. (2022). Understanding smart connected objects appropriation: a hierarchical component modelling approach. Proceedings of 21st IMTC (International Marketing Trends Conference). Rome, Italy
  • Zhong, Z., Balagué, C. (2021). Understanding consumer connected objects: proposing a user-centric taxonomy. Vie & Sciences de l’Entreprise, 211-212, 70-90. https://doi.org/10.3917/vse.211.0070 (Rang 4 FNEGE)
  • Benamar, L., Balagué, C., Zhong, Z. (2020). Internet of Things devices appropriation process: the Dynamic Interactions Value Appropriation (DIVA) framework. Technovation, 89, 102082. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.technovation.2019.06.001. (Rang 2 FNEGE)