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Madanamoothoo Allane

Associate Professor


Status: Associate Professor

Department : Finance, economics and law

Responsability : Law Course Coordinator

Degrees and specialization : Doctorate in Private Law

Field of research : Medical Law, Bioethics Law, Women & Bioethics, Biomedical Innovation

Courses taught : Introduction to Law, Contract Law, Business Law, International Business Law, Contract and Intellectual Property

-Selected publications:

DEHARO G., MADANAMOOTHOO A. (2020), « Is international Surrogacy the Lark’s Glimmer? : When Covid-19 Reveals the Legal Insecurity of Surrogacy Use », European Journal of Health, volume 27, pp 345-367.

GRAMA-VIGOUROUX S., SAIDI S., BERTHINIER-PONCET A., VANHAVERBEKE W., MADANAMOOTHOO A. (2020) « From closed to open: A comparative stakeholder approach for developing open innovation activities in SME’s », Journal of Business Research, volume 119, pp. 230-244

MADANAMOOTHOO A. (2017), « An overview of privacy regarding personal data protection in health record in English legislation », in Inequalities in access to medical care and services, Medical research, innovation and new technologies, Les Etudes Hospitalières Ed., 2017, pp. 55-67.

MADANAMOOTHOO A. (2017), « Telemedicine: what are the stakes to fight against health care inequalities?”, in Inequalities in access to medical care and services, Medical research, innovation and new technologies, Les Etudes Hospitalières Ed., 2017, pp. 23-33.

MADANAMOOTHOO A. (2016), « A first case of euthanasia of a minor in Belgium in Ethics and the law of life, Revue générale de droit médical, 2016, pp. 199-200.

MADANAMOOTHOO A. (2016) « Surrogate Motherhood: Comparative Studies of English and French Legislation” in Personnes et familles : Tribute to Jacqueline Pousson-Petit, Presses de l’Université Toulouse Ed. 1 Capitole, 2016, pp 119-137.

MADANAMOOTHOO A. (2015), « The interest and conservation of cord stem cells: a comparative approach of English and French law », Journal International de Bioéthique, ESKA 2015, volume 26, n° 2, pp 187 – 202.

MADANAMOOTHOO Allane (2015), « Medical surveillance of pregnancy in England: legal, ethical and medical consequences », in Legal and ethical aspects of the beginning of life, Les Etudes Hospitalières Ed., 2015, pp 99-107.

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MADANAMOOTHOO A. [2011], « Saviour-sibling and the Psychological, Ethical and Judicial Issues that It Creates: Should English and French Legislators Close the Pandora’s Box?», European Journal of Health Law, Volume 18, N° 3, 2011, pp. 293-303.

MADANAMOOTHOO A. (2011), « An overview of the positions of the most represented monotheistic religions in Europe towards biomedical practices », in Patient rights, mobility and access to care, Les Etudes Hospitalières Ed., 2011, pp. 287-297.

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