Assistant Professor

Status: Assistant Professor

Department: Finance

Diplomas and specializations: Doctorate in Management Sciences, University of Paris Nanterre

Research fields: Corporate finance, Financial accounting, Corporate governance, Corporate social responsibility

Courses taught: Financial accounting, Business Plan, Finance, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance

Selected publications:

  • Depoers, F., Guizani, A., & Lakhal, F. (Forthcoming) Stock price crash risk, managerial ownership and cost of debt, Finance, [FNEGE 2].
  • Lakhal, F., Khemiri, S., Guizani, A & Bacha, S. (Forthcoming). CEO overconfidence and tax practices: Does board gender diversity matter?, Management International, [FNEGE 2].
  • Benkraiem, R., Galariotis, & E., Guizani, A. & Lakhal, F. (Forthcoming). Product market competition and stock price crash risk: Exploring the role of managerial ownership, Research in International Business and Finance, [FNEGE 3].
  • Benkraiem, R., Shuwaikh, F., Lakhal, F., & Guizani, A. (2022). Carbon performance and firm value of the World’s most sustainable companies. Economic Modelling, 116, 106002, [ABS 2].
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