- Status : Associate professor

- Department : Finance and Decision-Making Processes

- Degrees and specialisation : PhD in economy, "Natural resources economics", PhD in philosophy "Econometrics and Quantitative Economics"

- Fields of research : Finance and CSR, applied econometrics, sustainable development,  macroeconomics, financial markets, corporate finance, innovation, environmental resource management

- Courses taught : Financial Markets, Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance, Méthodes Quantitatives (Excel)

- Selected publications :

  • Ben Zaied, Y., Ben Lahouel, B., Song, Y., Yang, G-L. (2020) “Corporate social performance and financial performance relationship: A data envelopment analysis approach without explicit input”, Finance Research Letters, CNRS (rang 3) / FNEGE (rang 3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Ben Cheikh, N., Ben Hmiden, O., Boubaker, S. (2020) “Do sovereign credit ratings matter for corporate credit ratings?”Annals of Operations Research, CNRS (rang 2), publication en ligne mars 2020.
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Ben Lahouel, B., Bruna, M-G. (2020) “The curvilinear relationship between environmental performance and financial performance: An investigation of listed French firms using panel smooth transition model”, Finance Research Letters, CNRS (rang 3) / FNEGE (rang 3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Ben Cheikh, N., Ben Lahouel, B., Ben Hmiden, O. (2020) “Do credit ratings affect European banks’ equity capital?” Bankers, Markets & Investors, CNRS (rang 4) / FNEGE (rang 3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Revisiting the Pass-Through of Exchange Rate in the Transition Economies: New    Evidence from New EU Member States, with Nidhaledine Ben Cheikh. Journal Of International Money and Finance, 2019, 100, 234-252. (CNRS 2; FNEGE 2)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., ICT, TFP and CO2 emissions in Tunisia, with Fethi Amri and Bechir Ben Lahouel, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2019, 146, 212-217. (CNRS 2; FNEGE 2)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Threshold effect in residential water consumption: New evidence from smooth transition regression model, with Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh and Pascal Nguyen, Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 2019 (CNRS : 2)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Asymmetric Volatility in Cryptocurrency Markets: New evidence from Smooth Transition GARCH Models, with Julien Chevallier & Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh, Finance Research Letters, 2019, (CNRS 3; FNEGE 3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Accounting for endogeneity and the dynamics of corporate social – corporate financial performance relationship, with Ben Lahouel, Béchir & Gaies, Brahim, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 230(1), 52-64. (FNEGE :3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Nonlinear Causality between employment and waste tonnage in France, with Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh, Applied Economics Letters, 2019, forthcoming (CNRS 4)
  • Ben Zaied, Y.,Does idiosyncratic risk matter? Evidence from mergers and acquisitions, with Pascal Nguyen and Thu Phuong Pham, Journal Of Risk Finance, 2018.  (CNRS : 4)
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  • Ben Zaied, Y., Younes Ben Zaied, Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh, Pascal Nguyen and Mohamed Badrane Mahjoub (2018). Waste management policy and employment: the case of France. Environmental Economics,  9(1), 38-46, 2018.  (CNRS 4)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Nonlinear Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Does Business Cycle Matter?, with Pascal Nguyen et N. Ben Cheikh, Journal of Economic Integration, 2018, 33(2), 1234-1260.   (CNRS 3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Determinants of the adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): An empirical analysis based on firm-level data in Tunisian, avec M. Kossaï et M. L. Lapa de Souza, Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 2018. (CNRS 4)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Long-run analysis of Environmental Kuznets Curve in the Middle East and North Africa, avec Pascal Nguyen, Environmental Economics, 2017, 8(4). (CNRS: 4)
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  • Ben Zaied, Y., The nonlinear water pricing policy: Equity and efficiency, avec Pascal Nguyen, Environmental Economics, 2017, 8(2).  (CNRS :4)  
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Modelling seasonality in residential water demand: the case of Tunisia, with Marie Estelle Binet, Applied Economics, 2015, 47(19),1966-1983. (ABS 2, CNRS: 2)
  • Ben Zaied, Y.,  Long-run versus short-run analysis of climate change impacts on agricultural crops, with Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh, Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 2015, 20(3), 259-27.  (CNRS : 2)
  • Ben Zaied, Y.,  Climate change impact on Tunisian olive oil output, Climatic Change, 2016, 139(3), 535-549. (ABS 3, CNRS : 3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Modelling regional water demand in Tunisia using panel cointegration second generation tests, Journal of Quantitative Economics, 2015, 13(2), pp 237-251. (CNRS: 3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., Waste management policy and employment: The case of France, Environmental Economics, 2018, 9(1), 38-46. (CNRS 4)
  • Ben Zaied, Y., A Long run analysis of residential water consumption, Economics Bulletin, 2013, vol 33 No.1 pp.536-544(CNRS: 3)
  • Ben Zaied, Y.,Reassessing the relationship between sovereign and corporate ratings: new evidence from nonlinear panel data techniques, Annals Of Operations Research, (CNRS 2 ; FNEGE 2)
  • Reassessing the relationship between sovereign and corporate ratings: new evidence from nonlinear panel data techniques, Annals Of Operations Research, (CNRS 2 ; FNEGE 2)
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