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All about our executive training

To be able to impose themselves on the job market, today’s professionals must accelerate their leadership and give themselves the means to make their profile relevant to companies. The Executive Master in Management Grande Ecole program offered by EDC Paris Business School provides a concrete response to these objectives. Let’s discover the characteristics of this program and its transformative potential for expert executives who wish to give a new impetus to their careers.

The Executive Master in Management Grande Ecole: executive management training for business leaders

The Executive Master in Management Grande Ecole offered by EDC Paris Business School takes the form of a curriculum entirely designed for the needs of executives. This training is not only eligible for the CPF and CPF de transition, but is also designed to change their relationship with their functions and provide these professionals with more agility. Thanks to a program that is compatible with salary and entrepreneurial activities and flexible enough not to compromise their current position, this executive management training program stands out. Its graduates have a detailed understanding of the challenges of digital transformation and corporate environmental and social responsibility. They can thus apprehend their professional repositioning in a realistic and informed manner and develop strategic abilities that will make all the difference in the pursuit of their goals.

Working professionals who choose to follow this path wish above all to strengthen their credibility. This is why our degree program confers a Master’s degree approved by the State. In particular, they are able to enjoy all the advantages that come with the status of Bac + 5. Combined with their proven professional experience, this degree gives them all the credit they need to make their mark on their market.

Thanks to their membership in the EDC Paris Business School community, graduates also have the opportunity to grow their personal and professional network. With influential contacts in France and abroad, they regularly open up to new opportunities.

A program designed to boost the careers of professionals

Offered in English and French to better meet the specific needs of professionals according to their own objectives, the modules are structured mainly in hybrid or distance learning format.

The Executive Master in Management Grande Ecole is spread over 19 months and includes all the fundamentals necessary to provide students with an overall vision of the issues affecting companies today. Courses in financial analysis are taught alongside courses in organizational management, performance management, human resources management, strategic marketing, leadership, digital transformation and global economic issues.

In-depth modules on operational marketing and supply chain management, information processes and systems, the energy transition and legislation affecting managers complete these foundations.

Our students also benefit from elective modules 100% in English from which they can make their own selection to refine their skills from a particular angle. Finally, a study trip in the form of seminars and visits to well-known companies provides material for the individual strategic project that marks the executive management training.

Following a diploma course is an excellent way to reinvent yourself professionally and to better position yourself in a constantly changing market. The practical insight provided by your professional experience combined with the solid theoretical foundation provided by the program will enable you to become an inspiring leader. You will be able to develop and implement innovative business models, and you will be able to establish yourself as a guide in change management.

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