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Choosing a work-study program at a business school in Paris: what you need to know

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With EDC Paris Business School, you are choosing to join a business school in Paris on a work-study basis, opening the doors to the professional world.

What are the advantages of a work-study business school in Paris?

Choosing a business school in work-study programmes in Paris such as EDC Paris Business School means opting for training recognised by the State and the professional world. It is also the assurance of having an education adapted to contemporary economic realities. Let’s go into detail about the advantages of joining this type of course.

What does a sandwich course at a business school in Paris consist of?

For many years now, the alternation has been on the up and up. By combining theoretical courses and business applications, this type of program offers a complete overview of the knowledge and skills that the student needs to integrate before joining the professional world.

In concrete terms, he moves from periods within his establishment to phases of immersion in the business world. They therefore benefit from a high level of training that gives them real professional experience long-term.

It is a gateway to his career, sometimes with an orientation international and the practice of foreign languages. For the student, it is also a means of acquiring know-how while searching for the sector of activity that best corresponds to his aspirations.

The pace adopted between the different phases of the curriculum depends on the institution concerned. EDC Paris Business School is a work-study business school in Paris which offers degree courses that are highly sought after by professionals from all sectors. The rhythm of our work-study programmes is three weeks in the company and one week at the school. These courses are highly sought-after by bachelors and students who wish to enter the professional world at the end of their studies.

What are the advantages of this type of course for students?

There are many advantages to joining a work-study business school in Paris such as our establishment :

  • Acquire professional experience: work-study programmes are an opportunity to complete theoretical learning by acquiring skills managerial. It is also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of salaried work. It is a chance for students to experience life in a company and to apply very concretely what they learn in class. The skills acquired in the field are then very valuable to them once they graduate.
  • Financing your studies: work-study programs are to be distinguished from traditional internships, since it is a real work contract and not an internship agreement that is signed between the student and the host company. The student therefore receives a salary in line with his age, his presence in the company, his level of study and the nature of the contract signed. The amount of this salary is between a quarter and 80% of the minimum wage. The company finances the tuition fees in full.
  • Securing your professional future: the rate of hiring at a good business school in Paris on a work-study program is very high. Once they have graduated, young working people are well versed in the issues of their profession, have demonstrated their know-how and benefit from the partnerships forged between their institution and a genuine network of professionals.. The school also relies on its network of alumni.

En d’autres termes, rejoindre l’EDC Paris Business School, c’est s’assurer une place en entreprise une fois diplômé !

Focus on work-study programs at EDC Paris Business School

Our business school in Paris offers many programs adapted to your professional ambitions:

Feel free to browse through all of our programs on our website to learn more about the opportunities available to you!



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