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Summer Sessions

  • July 2024
  • 3 week
  • EN
  • 1000 €/module
  • Paris - La Défense

Summer sessions


This summer session has been designed to enable all participants, whether students or professionals, to deepen their understanding of one or more aspects of management and acquire expertise in fields as varied as business creation, digital transformation and change management.

Taught by professors who are specialists in their field or by professionals who are well established in their sector, the courses have all been designed and organized to strengthen the participants’ skills by stimulating their creativity.


→ Offer solid general management training based on an experiential and innovative pedagogy

→ Develop entrepreneurial, innovative, responsible and transdisciplinary leaders (the humanists of the 21st century)

→ Favor customized curriculums with a portfolio of specializations, dual degrees and courses of excellence

→ Benefit from the reputation and know-how of EDC Paris Business School in entrepreneurship and in guidance for business creation (Student Entrepreneur Course)

→ Integrate a high-level professionalization dimension via work-study programs, internships, missions within companies and personal development courses (“soft skills”)

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→ Innovative teaching methods that increase professionalism

  • Every year, there are seminars devoted to “soft skills” and personal development
  • Obligatory courses to train 21st century humanists: digital transformation, coding, big data, geopolitics, cultural studies, climate issues and the energy transition

→ 5 courses of excellence

  • French track
  • English track
  • Global mobility track (3 continents, 30 months abroad)
  • Luxury Management track (taught in French or English)
  • Global Sports Management track (English)

→ Obligatory, significant exposure to other cultures and countries

  • Courses taught 100% in English from the first year
  • Minimum of 8 months abroad, up to 30 months possible

→ 20 double degrees available

→ A pioneering system for providing support to entrepreneurs

→ More than two thirds of the students on the Master cycle are apprentices

Why study in Paris?

Studying in France has many advantages: with its rich cultural heritage, France is ideally located in Europe and is a leader in various economic sectors such as luxury goods manufacturing, the nuclear, aerospace and automotive industries, as well as the agri-food sector.

During your stay in France, you can enjoy an exciting cultural experience while studying in the heart of Europe’s largest business district – La Défense, home to 2,950 companies and welcoming nearly 2,000,000 business tourists every year.


week 1

Module 1 : New venture creation

The nuts and bolts of preparing a New Venture Plan and launching the venture will be explored in this course offering.

The module is open to those interested in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are not risk takers; they are risk managers.

Fea Feasibility is a two-fold act. First, the entrepreneur takes an idea and shapes it within the industry’s background and turns it into a concept.

That concept is then tested to assess market risks, distribution risks, the value of the benefits and, finally, the financial risks.


At the end of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Be equipped with tools and insights to start their business.
  • Be able to assess and manage risk.
  • Understand business climate and human resources in any new venture analysis.


Drawing on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and business ethics, this course focuses on the key issues of sustainable management and provides a springboard for further specializations in this field.

The course emphasizes sustainability in all its dimensions, including all “three P’s” of Planet, People, and profit.

It presents practical skills for students in the area of integrating sustainability into business practices, operations, policies.


At the end of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of sustainable management and think critically.
  • Describe and explain the broader environmental and social repercussions of business decisions.
  • Analytically appraise the ways in which sustainability is applied, assessed and measured.

week 2


Cross-Cultural course introduces students to crosscultural communication theories and practices.

Students will work towards achieving this objective through varied class activities including oral presentations, case study analysis, debates, and opinion essays.

How can we become adaptable in intercultural interactions and know acculturation processes and models?


At the end of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Develop an awareness of cultural identities and an appreciation for others.
  • Recognize cultural variations in communication styles.
  • Understand how categories of cultural values might underlie different behaviors.


Large companies, whatever their sector of activity (BtoC or BtoB, industry or service), have to face new customer behaviors, new modes of relationship with customers, multi and mobile channels.

The revolution of the media landscape as well as the growing influence of social media, the new competition of pure players with demanding business models, the question mark of big data, the issue of the integration of digital natives.


At the end of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Navigate the world of digital ecosystems.
  • Understand the collision between traditional and digital business models and how to reinvent your business for future success.
  • Discover ways of competing and collaborating with other companies to create and capture value.

week 3


h This course helps people strengthen their conflictmanagement skills and learn how to become more effective at influencing others, by learning proven techniques and developing more flexible leadership styles.

It will enable participants to better understand the needs and motivations of others and use a range of practical tools and techniques to work with them to deliver great results.


At the end of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Strengthen the conflict-management skills.
  • earn how to become more effective at influencing other.
  • Use practical tools and techniques to deliver results.


h The module provides an understanding of the different theories of change and how to apply them in business: Understand and master the techniques proposed by the

To sensitize the students on the role that the theories could play in the resolution of the problems within the company, to understand how to be based on these theories, having already studied these problems, to solve and find solutions.


At the end of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the different theories of change.
  • Learn how to apply theories of change in business.
  • Master the techniques proposed by the theories.

Presentation of the projects

  • Each student team will prepare a presentation of its project, detailing its research and analysis in the form of a “business pitch”.


    Students will be assessed for each module on the basis of continuous assessment: the quality and timeliness of the project, as well as attendance and active participation in class.

    July 2023




    Students and professionals

    → Students, graduates and professionals from around the world.

    → Prerequisite: minimum level B2 in English.


    Date limite d’inscription : le jour de la rentrée du programme sauf pour les étudiants nécessitant un visa (8 semaines avant la rentrée)

    Cost of summer sessions

    JULY 2023

    → Students, graduates and professionals from around the world : 1000 Euros per module*

    * rates for the academic year 2023

    For more information, the international admissions department offers personalized appointments by e-mail


      Director of International Relations : Cécile CHIARAMONTI

      Incoming Mobility coordinator : Guylaine Zircon

      Referent for disability: Isabelle Fontanella
      If you have a disability,
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          Validation of acquired experience (VAE)

          Professionals can apply to have their skills acquired in a professional situation recognized through a VAE process.

          For more information, please contact our Admissions Department by email at concours@edcparis.eduor by phone at +33(0)9 80 80 21 15.



          Force EDC” is the network of former EDC Paris Business School students.

          It consists of 18,500 members in 71 countries throughout the world.

          The association has three main missions:

          • Support the network of graduates in France and throughout the world
          • Support graduates throughout their career, wherever they might be, with personalised services
          • Promote EDC Paris Business School through events and meetings in France and throughout the world.

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          Careers service

          Find the job of your dreams with our “Career Center” which publishes more than 3,000 placement and 2,500 job offers every year.

          By helping our students successfully start their careers through our network of more than 2,800 companies, every year we monitor our young graduates’ entry into the job market.

          We offer one course per semester from the 1st to the 5th year dedicated to professional effectiveness and career workshops (CV, cover letter, interview preparation).

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          Career opportunities

          → A network of alumni including more than 18,500 graduates of whom 5,000 are company bosses working in 71 countries

          → A strong attachment that has led, over the last 20 years, to more than 300 alumni becoming owners of their school.

          Chiffres actualisés en 2022

          Graduation rate of 99% – Number of students: 827 – Satisfaction rate: 4/5 – Survey return rate: 76% – Drop-out rate : < 1%


          Student associations

          Commitment to associations and solidarity are at the heart of EDC Paris Business School’s teaching program. Students can join one of the School’s 13 associations or commit to a partner association and carry out missions in the non-mercantile, solidarity economy.


          Students choose to join one of EDC Paris Business School’s associations (Students’ Union, Sports’ Association, Gala EDC, Entrepreneurs Club, etc.).