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Every year our campus welcomes several hundred students of different nationalities in order to train them in commerce and management. We can help you with the recruitment of placement students, young graduates and experienced managers: you simply need to target the program of your choice (Grande Ecole program or Master of Science).


Contact us so that we can publish your placement or job offers on our partner JobTeaser’s site. You will be put in touch with more than 700 higher education establishments (graduate schools and universities) and four million talented young people!

Our Corporate Relations Department

Recruitment forums

Our Corporate Relations Department regularly organises recruitment events (dedicated forums, annual meetings and speed-meetings) so that you can develop a special relationship with our students. You will have the opportunity to present your company and to make yourself more visible to our young graduates.

You can contribute to the training of your company’s future managers and leaders: come and meet your future talent!


Tailor-made recruitment events

Consultancy, marketing, finance, International business… take part in a forum devoted to a key sector that represents your activity in order to optimise your recruitment process and save time. Our regular bespoke recruitment events will enable you to talk directly to our students and thus match your needs with our talented youngsters.


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