Simone Pérèle les dessous du digital

Simone Pérèle : les dessous du digital

HADDAD Laura, TOSSAN Vessélina (2017)
Cas CCMP, juin 2017

Simone Pérèle is one of the reference brands of the French luxury lingerie market. Founded in 1948, it has unrelentingly been exalting the woman’s body, inventing materials and shapes to better glorify her. With its 12 subsidiaries, a staff of 1500 throughout the world, and a production of more than 3 million units every year, the Firm now has an international outreach. The brand wishes to make a shift in order to better meet the behavior changes of its customers, who are dropping the traditional media and distribution channels to go digital. But at the time the case was written it didn’t have a e-commerce website and only one fully dedicated shop existed in France. This is why students are requested to:

Contribute a fresh point of view to the analysis of the brand and its market, they are requested to show the brand’s identity (its inner self, according to JN Kapferer) through the Brand identity prism, present its current target through a persona and recommend a new younger target

Being in charge of the digital monitoring of the competitors in order to identify best practices that could inspire Simone Pérèle and analyse competitor’s websites performances thanks to Alexa tool (ranking, bounce rate, number of pages seen by visitor daily, daily tie spent on the site, number of sites leading to, main sites leading to…), as well as performance on social networks

Suggesting new digital marketing actions along the brand’s objectives while stressing the main KPI’s