Professeur Associé

Statut : Professeur associé

Département : Management

Diplôme et spécialisation : Ph.D. et master of science en Business Administration

Domaines de recherche : Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Corporate Social / Environmental Responsibility, Business Ethics

Cours enseignés : « Strategic Management », « Sustainable Management », « Managing Purchasing and Supply Chain in the Fashion Business », and « Lean Management and Quality Management »

Sélection de publications

Fracarolli Nunes, M. & Lee Park, C.  (2017). Cultural corruption: Lessons from the Petrobras scandal case. 4th Interdisciplinary Insights on Fraud and Corruption Conference, I2FC, Porto / Portugal.

Fracarolli Nunes, M. & Lee Park, C. (2021). Machine learning, the internet of things, and the seeds of un-behavioral operations: Conceptual bases for the industry of the future. In:Industry 4.0 – Shaping the Future of the Digital World. Taylor & Francis, forthcoming.

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