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MBA Online Luxury Brand Management and Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

The MBA Online aims to train professionals so that they may provide a vision of change and adaptation to the new socioeconomic environment within companies in the luxury sector.

They will be able to:

  • Demonstrate expertise concerning the characteristics of the sector,
  • Define the realistic and objective positioning of a brand and build the story that will enable it to reach the established objective,
  • Respect the keys of the differentiating tradition of the luxury sector, incorporating the tools, methodologies and processes of the digital age,
  • Lead the transformation of organizations to face new projects and entrepreneurial challenges.

This program is aimed at young entrepreneurs and managers, companies in the luxury sector or those who aspire to join them. It endeavours to offer companies of this sector an added value for their:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship capacity
  • International vision
  • Management in social networks
  • Knowledge of the keys to digital marketing and e-commerce
  • Understanding of the characteristics of the luxury sector 

Program Content
The Luxury sector has spearheaded innovation in management and marketing for several decades. An exclusive clientele and highly sought-after employees make the Luxury Business a unique context to develop new practices, which set the standards throughout a wide range of sectors and industries. Understanding the Global Luxury Business today means understanding how to cope with challenges and fast changes that are also a source of opportunities for new actors.

Traditional luxury and global/digital disruption
Luxury is actually facing the contradictions and challenges of globalization and digitalization. How are brand managers addressing these challenges, and what have been/will be their strategies for sustainable growth in the future? What is the new scope of the luxury shopping experience? What are the e-commerce and omnichannel strategies? As social media and influencers grow in strength, how can a digital communication strategy be set up so as to rally ‘millenials’ and the new consumers of luxury?

Entrepreneurship in the digital age
As the luxury sectors shows exponential evolutions, it offers opportunities for new actors to develop new business models beside those followed by global groups. New business models appear, and independent brands may successfully follow alternative and innovative strategies. How to transform an original project and a passion into a successful brand project? How to build and maintain independent brands in the long term? This program is the beacon for designing winning innovation strategies and novel strategic approaches to guide entrepreneurs, creators, designers, managers and those who dare to challenge the status quo to become groundbreakers in the luxury industries.

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