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MBA – Global Luxury Brand Management

MBA – Global Luxury Brand Management
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Full Time in English

This new program MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management has been developed to give a special strength to the 30th anniversary of the first Sup de Luxe program created in 1990.

It was obvious that after having been the pioneer in Luxury Management and Marketing Training, Sup de Luxe had the opportunity to create this new program, full time, in English.

Compared to other existing program’s, this one has the ambition to be different:

  • 1) It is not a “Marketing” program, but a “Global” Luxury program, training students in General Management and for all activities that are necessary to be successful in this field : Business Policy, Control and Financial matters, but also Logistics and Supply Chain, to train candidates to become, in the medium and long run, general managers of Luxury subsidiaries in major strategic countries.
  • 2) It puts emphasis on the Management of Creation and of the Creative team, as we believe this is a very important element for a brand to stand out and to provide interesting and outstanding products, objects or services.
  • 3) It develops special skills in Social Media networks and Digital marketing.
  • 4) It wants to stand out as the best available training in Luxury Retailing and Luxury merchandising.

This program is recognized by the State of Level I at the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP).

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