• L'Etudiant - 1stbased of the criterion "Starting salary" Grande Ecole 2021 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • L'Etudiant - 1st based of the criterion "Student Satisfaction" Grande Ecole 2021 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • L'Etudiant - 3rd based of the criterion "Close ties whith firms" Grande Ecole 2021 post-baccalaureate ranking


  • Le Figaro Etudiant - 3rd based of the criterion "Close ties whith firms" Grande Ecole 2021 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • Le Figaro Etudiant - 5thbased of the criterion "Starting salary" Grande Ecole 2021 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • Le Figaro Etudiant - 5thbased of the criterion "International" Grande Ecole 2021 post-baccalaureate ranking


  • Le Point - 3rdbased of the criterion "Professionalization" Grande Ecole 2021 post-baccalaureate ranking


  • Eduniversal - 4th Grande Ecole 2020 post-baccalaureate ranking



  • Le Parisien - 1stbased of the criterion "Financial capacity" Grande Ecole 2020 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • Le Parisien - 1stbased of the criterion "Entrepreneurship" Grande Ecole 2020 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • Le Parisien - 3rd based of the criterion "Group budget" Grande Ecole 2020 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • Le Parisien - 4thbased of the criterion "Internationalization of the faculty" Grande Ecole 2020 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • Le Parisien - 5thbased of the criterion "Work study programs" Grande Ecole 2020 post-baccalaureate ranking
  • Le Parisien - 6thGrande Ecole 2020 post-baccalaureate ranking


  • Master's degree: recognition awarded to an internationally recognised Bac+5 diploma.

  • EFMD accredited / master: label awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), certifying the quality of the school's programme, that of its teachers and its international dimension.

  • PRME accreditation: an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact linked to environmental and societal issues.

  • Member of the AACSB: EDC Paris Business School is a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which awards a label of excellence based on the academic level of the teachers, the importance of the resources used and the relevance of the teaching approach.



  • Conférence des Grandes Ecoles: this association brings together the best engineering and business schools which are accepted after a rigorous audit. Our school is the oldest 100% private establishment in the chapter of management schools.

  • Union des grandes écoles indépendantes (UGEI): The UGEI was created in 1993 to unite the leading engineering and management schools which recognised themselves by their desire for independence. 


International accreditation

  • Erasmus + : the European programme for education, training, youth and sport.


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