Hybrid format:

  1. M1 in initial training (1 semester of courses / 1 semester of internship in the luxury industry)
  2. M2 as an apprenticeship or alternating internship: courses take place in the evening and on some Saturdays


  • Understand and master the specific universe of the luxury sector.
  • Train managers capable of evolving in this sector in France and internationally.

The students will mainly follow the courses on the EDC campus in La Villette, or even in Paris Centre.


Beginning of courses

September 2022

Tuition Fees

  • French or UE students : €9 830€*
  • International students : €10 400

* Tariff in force for the school year 2022/2023


  • General and sectoral knowledge of luxury 
    • History of luxury
    • History of brands
    • The different sectors
  • Fundamentals of luxury marketing
    • Introduction to luxury Marketing
    • Strategic and Operational Marketing
    • Experiential marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Visual Merchandising
  • Communication of luxury brands
    • Introduction to communication
    • Understanding the new challenges of the luxury sector
    • Media and non-media communication tools
    • The role of advertising representation and visuals for luxury brands
    • How to perpetuate the vision and history of luxury brands
  • Business fundamentals
    • Luxury markets
    • Distribution methods
    • Operations and team management
  • Operations management
    • Marketing in the luxury industry
    • The characteristics of the luxury industry and the description of positions
    • The customer and the luxury market
    • Brand equity and Brand management
    • Price, distribution and communication in the industry
  • Team management
    • Management & leadership
    • Communication
    • Values
    • Corporate Culture
    • Team building
  • Personal development
    • Public speaking
    • Personal Branding
    • Networking
  • Foreign languages
  • Annual project
  • 6 Month internship


Geopolitics / geostrategy

  • Luxury goods market: key figures and growth prospects.
  • Analysis of the financial strategies and results of groups and brands.
  • Study of emerging countries, drivers of market growth.

Competitive strategies in the luxury industry

  • Analysis of product strategies, distribution and perspective of competitors.

Identity and Communication

  • Definition of brand identity and communication consistency

Trend analysis and Creativity management

  • Learn to decode trends and reconcile them with the sustainability of a luxury brand.
  • Management of creativity and its expressions.




  • Understanding the client: psychology and behaviour.
  • Market analysis: definition of a target, potential study.
  • Building a strong brand: identity, creation, positioning, differentiation.
  • Development of the offer: sectorial variations and price positioning.

Specificities of communication in the luxury sector

  • Advertising creation codes.
  • Communication strategies / Media strategy and budget negotiation.
  • Digital Communication.
  • Public relations and event communication.
  • Editing.


  • Understand the interest of social networks: webmarketing, communication, e-commerce.
  • CRM, intelligence and business intelligence.
  • Understand the job of the community manager.

Management & Administration

  • Quality approach
  • Implementation and control of quality monitoring.

Distribution and logistics

  • Changes in distribution methods: selective distribution, retail distribution, e-commerce...
  • Techniques & legislation.
  • Inventory management.
  • Merchandising: the creative and business axes of strategic merchandising, learning to analyze and manage a space.

International Trade

  • Understand the importance of inter-culturality and local specificities.
  • International development of the luxury business.
  • Build an export business plan.


  • Traditional and innovative sales techniques.
  • Development of the relationship and customer service.

Management / Finance

  • Understand and master the different financial aspects of the company, in particular the calculation of margins and coefficients.

Business Law

  • Legal rules specific to the luxury sector.

Ethics and Governance

  • Respect and development of human and behavioural qualities in the organization.
  • Sustainable development and social responsibility.


History of luxury

  • The major phases in the history of the luxury industry.
  • History of fashion.
  • Luxury & Art.


Professional life and personal development

  • Determine one’s professional project.
  • Valuing your career, knowing how to sell yourself.
  • Prepare for job interviews.
  • Learn to optimize all aspects of your personality

Assessment procedures

During the academic curriculum, students are assessed in various ways:

  • Exams are specific to the teaching cycle: during the 1st cycle, exams (MCQ, knowledge tests, and application exercises) are mainly aimed at assessing the acquisition of knowledge. Thereafter, students are evaluated mainly through case studies, role-plays and project presentations.
  • A written report is required after every internship in view of demonstrating the acquisition of skills.

In the 5th year, students submit an End of Studies Thesis (EST) and defend it before a jury composed of two professors. The validation of the EST is one of the requirements for the diploma.


More generally, we use the following six levels of cognitive skills to assess our students:

  • Understanding: quizzes, matching exercises, etc.
  • Recognizing/Knowing: quizzes, matching exercises, etc.
  • Applying : (practical exercises, simulations, etc.)
  • Analyzing : (problem solving, case studies, etc.)
  • Evaluating : (case studies, reviews etc.)
  • Creating: (projects etc.)


Professors award bonus points for active participation, in class or on-line, when students contribute to a discussion forum.

Career opportunities

Marketing and Sales Manager in luxury products and services
Marketing & Sales Manager in luxury products and services "


We remain at your disposal by e-mail: 

Pedagogical Director Master Cycle : Laura Haddad - informations@edcparis.edu

Contact for the Disability Advisor Isabelle Fontanella : ifontanella@edcparis.edu

Schooling contact : Sam Bun - informations@edcparis.edu

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What our students say about usTestimonials

Victoire Hossard
Class of 2017 - Founder of Chichi Castelnango
I started a business while studying at EDC Paris Business School. And in parallel, I integrated the Student Entrepreneur Course. This course is a great accompaniment from A to Z on all our business creation.
Margaux Lelux
Class of 2018 - Cofounder of OANI - To The Wall & Beyond
In the 3rd year, I worked, within the framework of my internship, within the Orange External Communication Department, on two major events: the GQ Night Style in the Marais district, and the Euro football organized in France during the summer of 2016. Dir
Christelle Georget
Class of 2018 - Corporate Real Estate Consultant at CBRE
I chose "IE" for its international aspect. I've just returned from an internship with an Australian start-up. There are so many opportunities and markets to seize abroad!
Adrien Tabone
Class of 2019
All the missions carried out were rich of teaching. At the end of the year, I did my internship "Commercial Force" in a Nicolas shop as a Proxy Manager and I gained a lot of autonomy and rigor.
Julien Brassart
Class of 2020
I've lived in several countries and I speak 4 languages. The choice of EDC Paris Business School was obvious to me because I was looking for a school with an international opening and a course all in English.
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