4th and 5th years in initial course ( including an end of studies internship) and in English.


  • To understand and analyze an environmental context and to develop a realistic, albeit forecasted, vision that can then be translated into a creation or a development process,
  • To organize a project that enhances the potential for entrepreneurial value creation or business growth,
  • To assess the feasibility of a project taking into account internal and external constraints, using the business plan as a framework for this endeavor,
  • To know how to integrate networks: to be informed, to be influential or to access resources.
  • To acquire the codes of good practice and interpersonal skills of the business world,
  • To acquire the fundamentals of management (law, accounting, finance, marketing, HRM and taxation, etc.).


  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility 
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Corporate finance
  • Strategic diagnosis
  • Management information system and project management
  • Self actualization
  • Business English
  • Business development
  • Human resources
  • Entrepreunerial finance and accounting management
  • Supply chain management
  • Big data and knowledge management
  • Career developement
  • Business English
  • Business creation
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Innovation management
  • Strategie for internationalization
  • Growth hacking
  • End of studies thesis
  • Career development
  • Business English
  • Business Transfer
  • Doing business in China/Africa/US
  • New Product Development
  • Business Model at the digital age
  • Tech entrepreneurship
  • Business Game
  • Business English

Career opportunities

  • Project manager in companies or in public entities
  • Development Officer
  • Project manager - project supervisor
  • Managing Director, entrepreneur
  • Deputy Managing Director
  • Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
  • Assistant to the Sales Director
  • Head of Business Strategy
  • Project manager (business)

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