Grande Ecole Program: a post French Baccalaureate 5 year diploma granting a fully state-accredited Master's degree

Our objective is to train international managers and executives by emphasizing learning in the following areas:

  • Business development
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Digital Transformation

The " Grande Ecole " program can be pursued in French or English (English Track)*.

* For students with a good command of English (no need to be bilingual at the start).



  • Offer solid general management training based on an experiential and innovative pedagogy.
  • Develop entrepreneurial, innovative, responsible and transdisciplinary leaders (the humanists of the 21st century)
  • Integrate a high-level professionalization dimension via work-study programs, internships, missions within companies and personal development courses ("soft skills").
  • Favor customized curriculums with a portfolio of specializations, dual degrees and courses of excellence
  • Benefit from the reputation and know-how of EDC Paris Business School in entrepreneurship and in guidance for business creation (Student Entrepreneur Course).

Key points of the Grande Ecole Program

  • An innovative and professionalizing pedagogy
    • Intensive seminars dedicated to “soft skills” and personal development
    • Mandatory courses based on hybrid themes: digital transformation, coding, geopolitics, design…
  • 3 paths of excellence
  • 2/3 of work-study students during the specialization phase
  • A strong and mandatory international experience
    • A 100% English track from the 1st year onwards
    • A minimum of 8 months abroad, 30 months possible
  • The possibility of 20 double degrees 
  • A groundbreaking scheme for entrepreneurial support.



Embrace and conquer the world

Do you enjoy travelling?  An international experience is at the core of our approach. With more than 100 partner universities, all accredited and reputable, students can opt for doing part of their studies abroad (and this up to 30 months) and thus obtain a double degree.

At least one compulsory academic exchange

All students are required to complete at least a one-semester international academic exchange.

Global mobility track

From 24 to 30 months on 3 continents (Europe, North America, Asia) with the possibility of double degrees in prestigious universities.


Grande Ecole Program Curriculum

  • Master the fundamentals of management sciences (accounting, financial analysis, marketing, sales, decision support methods, human resources, etc.).
  • To have a broad knowledge of the humanities in the digital age - design, coding, climate change, digital platforms - in order to interact effectively with profiles from other disciplines (engineers, designers, computer scientists, etc.).
  • To develop self-knowledge and the key principles of corporate communication
  • By discovering sales and marketing functions through internships in companies
  • By experiencing project-based learning through "real-life" missions covering key topics: innovation, financial analysis, new growth models, etc.
  • By attending professional efficiency workshops to improve one’s impact in the workplace
  • Compulsory English courses from year 1 to year 5
  • The option of studying a second foreign language
  • The possibility of a curriculum entirely in English from year 1 onwards
  • The obligation to complete internship abroad, either in the first or second year.
  • To acquire a 360° vision of the company and master the interactions between the main functions of an organization: finance, strategy, supply chain, information systems, etc.
  • Understanding the impact of digital transformation on a company
  • Understanding corporate social responsibility and the importance of ethics
  • Mastering the methods of design thinking and creativity
  • Knowing how to manage a team efficiently
  • A compulsory international exposure of at least one semester: 110 high level partner universities on the 5 continents
  • Face-to-face and online foreign language learning (English + FL2 optional)
  • EDC Paris Business School offers the possibility to students of the Grande Ecole program to work in a company for one year between year 3 and 4 or between year 4 and 5.
  • A long-term internship to fine-tune your professional project and take on responsibilities in France or abroad.

Anchoring its expertise to boost its employability

Specialisations in Master's degrees (4th and 5th years)

Work-study in french or bilingual

Full-Time English

  • Seminars to help you consolidate your managerial and leadership skills
  • Coaching to finalize your professional project and bolster your personal potential and identity
  • Courses to prepare TOIC and TOEFL exams, reference tests attesting to your proficiency in English.
  • An apprenticeship OR a specialization internship and an internship at the end of your studies to encourage pre-employment.
  • Courses to prepare TOIC and TOEFL exams, reference tests attesting to your proficiency in English.
  • The teaching of English and of one other foreign language.
  • The opportunity to study in a foreign institution in year 4 (1 semester or 2) and to obtain a dual degree in France or abroad in year 5.

Starting as of the 2021/2022 academic year and after selection*, 2 exceptional study programs:

  • Global mobility track: a 24 to 30 month course on 3 continents (Europe, North America, Asia) with the possibility of double degrees in prestigious universities.
  • Luxury Management track: hone your skills with a solid background in the luxury sector thanks to our Master of Science Fashion & Luxury Business, Luxury Brand Management and Wine, Spirits and "Art de Vivre" management courses  


* : specific terms and conditions available as of September 2021

  • MBA Luxury Brand Management - Sup de Luxe 
  • MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management – Sup de Luxe (A partir de 2021)
  • Master Management des études marketing et d’opinion - Université Cergy-Pontoise
  • Master Gestion des instruments financiers - Université Cergy-Pontoise
  • Master Comptabilité contrôle audit - Université Paris Ouest Nanterre    
  • In Europe
    • Master in Finance, Control, Audit - Coventry University (Great Britain)
    • MBA in Business Studies - Richmond University (Great Britain)
    • Master in International Business - Griffith College (Irland)
    • Master in Marketing and International Business - Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
    • Master in Marketing - Mälardalen University (Sweden)
    • Master’s in business studies - Cologne Business School (Germany)
    • Master’s in Supply Chain - Academia de Studies Economics de Bucarest (Roumania)


  • In North America
    • DESS/Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship / Digital Marketing / Data Management/Supply Chain - McGill University (Canada)
    • Graduate Certificate in Business Studies - Berkeley University (USA)
    • Graduate Certificate in Business Studies - UCLA (USA)

Students can quickly position themselves on these 2 exclusive courses (Luxury management & Global mobility track) and be officially selected to join them during the second semester of 3rd year.

Students can decide to follow an additional semester* in order to obtain a Master of Science or M.Sc In delivered by EDC Business School (International Business, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation ...).
* : terms and conditions available from EDC Paris Business School

  • The Student-Entrepreneur Course is aimed at students who wish to create or take over a company while reconciling academic obligations and entrepreneurial requirements. The student-entrepreneur is coached by a teacher-researcher, a specialist in entrepreneurship, and mentored by an entrepreneur who is a graduate of the Grande Ecole program at EDC Paris Business School*. Selected students have access to the EDCube incubator.

*The project is submitted to the favourable decision of a jury composed of entrepreneurs and representatives of the support systems.


International students

From 1st year to 4th year : Admission on application and motivational interview : more info

Start dates and tuition fees

Course start​ 2020/2021 :

  • French students or from European Union : September 2020
  • International students : September 2020

Tuition fees :

  • French students or from European Union : 9 840 Euros per year (2020/2021 intake)
  • International students : 10 400 Euros per year (2020/2021 intake)


Assessment procedures

During the academic curriculum, students are assessed in various ways:

- Exams are specific to the teaching cycle: during the 1st cycle, exams (MCQ, knowledge tests, and application exercises) are mainly aimed at assessing the acquisition of knowledge. Thereafter, students are evaluated mainly through case studies, role-plays and project presentations.

- A written report is required after every internship in view of demonstrating the acquisition of skills.

- In the 5th year, students submit an End of Studies Thesis (EST) and defend it before a jury composed of two professors. The validation of the EST is one of the requirements for the diploma.


More generally, we use the following six levels of cognitive skills to assess our students:

- Understanding: quizzes, matching exercises, etc.

- Recognizing/Knowing: quizzes, matching exercises, etc.

- Applying : (practical exercises, simulations, etc.)

- Analyzing : (problem solving, case studies, etc.)

- Evaluating : (case studies, reviews etc.)

- Creating: (projects etc.)


Professors award bonus points for active participation, in class or on-line, when students contribute to a discussion forum.


Professional recognition

  • Partnerships with over 2,800 companies
  • 93% of graduates obtain a permanent contract within 2 months after graduation
  • Career Center 3,000 internship offers and 2,500 job offers published every year
  • Average annual salary of  €45,360 for our young graduates


  • Company support missions to be carried out from the 1st to the 4th year of the "Grande Ecole" programme
  • Annual seminars for personal development and support in the construction of the professional project of "Grande Ecole" students
  • 16 months of work experience as a minimum (internships and business assignments)
  • Nearly 50% of a promotion follows its specialization (Master's cycle) in alternating format
  • Strong participation in the key bodies of the French entrepreneurial ecosystem (Pépite, CRA...)


  • "EDC Alumni" network Influential network of 18,500 active alumni including 5,000 CEOs in 77 countries
  • A strong attachment that has led more than 300 alumni to own their school for more than 20 years.

eventsMeet us

Evening "Discoveries" ONLINE- Thursday, November 12, 2020 from 5:00 pm to 7:00...
Day of preparation for the oral exams of the Sesame Competition from 6 to 7 p.m.
Immersion Experience
Evening "Discoveries" ONLINE- Thursday, November 12, 2020 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
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What our students say about usTestimonials

Victoire Hossard
Class of 2017 - Founder of Chichi Castelnango
I started a business while studying at EDC Paris Business School. And in parallel, I integrated the Student Entrepreneur Course. This course is a great accompaniment from A to Z on all our business creation.
Margaux Lelux
Class of 2018 - Cofounder of OANI - To The Wall & Beyond
Christelle Georget
Class of 2018 - Corporate Real Estate Consultant at CBRE
I chose "IE" for its international aspect. I have just returned from an internship with an Australian start-up. There are so many opportunities and markets to seize abroad!
Adrien Tabone
Class of 2019
All the missions carried out were rich of teaching. At the end of the year, I did my internship "Commercial Force" in a Nicolas shop as a Proxy Manager and I gained a lot of autonomy and rigor.
Julien Brassart
Class of 2020
I've lived in several countries and I speak 4 languages. The choice of EDC Paris Business School was obvious to me because I was looking for a school with an international opening and a course all in English.
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