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Entrepreneurial spirit

Our Academic Steering Committee met in January 2019 to define the competency framework essential to prepare future entrepreneurial leaders.

The skills are as follows :

EDC Paris BS taught us to have a pragmatic approach, to be able to react quickly and take risks. This is a ‘must’ in today’s corporate world.” Gregory Trebaol, Class of 2002

EDC Paris is an independent ‘Grande Ecole’ business school. Its specificity lies in the fact that business leaders, all alumni, own the school. They have made of the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ the flagship of its educational strategy.

EDC Paris Business School has entrepreneurship at the core of its DNA. The school belongs to its Alumni, all of whom are entrepreneurs. This ‘will to create’ makes of the school a reference amid the French leaders of entrepreneurship. EDC Paris Business School encourages its young creators (representing an average of 20% per class) throughout their schooling.

Its students are known for their culture and their positive vision of the entrepreneurial spirit that they employ for themselves or for the companies they work for.

Various mechanisms are available to guide young business creators in their ventures.

  • EDC Capital

EDC Capital is a venture capital fund for students and EDC Paris graduates, be they starting up or taking over a business. With a €1 million budget, this fund finances or financially participates in at least ten projects yearly.

  • The Entrepreneurial student Track

The Entrepreneurial student Track enables students to ally course work, exams and the obligations of a ‘business executive’. The student’s project is submitted to the approval of a panel (composed of entrepreneurs, representatives EDC Paris BS partners, and of EDC Capital). Once it is approved, the Student-entrepreneur will be monitored by a referent tenured research professor and will have access to all incubators and ‘think-tanks’ data as well as financial aid.

  • Entrepreneurial workshops

Entrepreneurial workshops occur regularly and during these seminars students can meet the professionals of different sectors of activity so as to gauge the various dispositions and developments, which they need to envisage for their business creation.

  • Project Management

During the maturation phase of their projects, the young business creators benefit from the advice of research professors, experts in entrepreneurship.

Incubators and think-tanks in partnership with renowned experts:

  • Astrolabe Conseil

Astrolabe Conseil, is the think-tank of the ‘Grand Paris’. EDC Paris BS is its West Paris representative. This structure provides a legal framework and support for the launching of the new businesses.

  • EDC Paris BS insures the co-direction of the “PÉPITE PON”

Initiated by the Ministry of National Education, the ‘Pépite Pon’ has for role to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among students.

  • L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM)

The ENSAM allows EDC Paris Business School students to access the infrastructures of its resource incubator.

  • «Mondays at EDC»

Meetings with top business executives are organized on Mondays by Force EDC, the Alumni Network that counts over 4 000 business leaders in its ranks.

Testimony: Gregory Treabol, Class of 2002

EDC’s educational Strategy taught us to have a pragmatic approach, to be able to react quickly and take risks. “My partner, also an EDC Paris graduate, and myself created Easybike in 2004.

The company specialized in the development of e-bikes (electrically assisted bikes). EDC Capital teamed up with us in 2007 by investing €100,000 giving us the possibility of financing our first stocks of e-bikes as well as enhancing our credibility with the banks.

Companies such as Décathlon, Norauto and many others quickly became our clients. In order to be present on the international scene we needed a reputed brand. It is for this reason that, in 2011, we began by distributing Solex bikes in France and we followed up by producing them the following year. In 2013, we took over the Solex trademark and bought a factory in Normandy to manufacture the e-bikes. Solex is our international passport, made in France! In 2014, we bought out the e-bike division of MATRA, part of the Lagardère Group.

Our business is ever expanding in France and worldwide. Moreover, beyond the academic and technical skills that we acquired, EDC’s educational Strategy taught us to have a pragmatic approach, to be able to react quickly and take risks. This is a ‘must’ in today’s corporate world.”

Grégory Trebaol, 34 years old
Founder of Easybike
Sponsor of the Class of 2019
President of the Easybike-Solex Group

Testimony: Jacques-Henri STRUBEL, EDC Class of 2013

“My company is today in full expansion and the prospects are very encouraging. This rapid growth would probably have never been possible without the help offered by EDC Paris BS. The true entrepreneurial spirit of the institution allowed me to reach my goals and develop my company while pursuing my studies.

While I was doing my two years for the Entrepreneurial Management Major, I was able to use class time to work on my project ‘L’Alsacien’, with my partner, Alexandre. The business plan, the market and feasibility studies… The support and advice, which we received from our professors, were essential in enabling us to move forward rapidly and in a more organized and focused manner. In reality, the school was the perfect environment in which to carry out my project. The results are the following, after 10 months of activity: a turnover of more than €300 K and we are planning to open a second restaurant next year.

We were able to successfully use most of the documents prepared in class to obtain loans from banks and lending agencies. These two school years have largely contributed to the successful opening of ‘L’Alsacien’. Furthermore, alongside my first project L’Alsacien, I have started an association “La Cravate Solidaire” with two other EDC Paris BS students. This time, we counted less on the school, but we have always had its support. For example, our first clothing drive was organized within the school premises. Many thanks to the faculty and the administration for these 5 years, the cornerstone of our success!”
Jacques-Henri STRUBEL, EDC Class of 2013

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