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Are you recruiting interns?

Optimize your search with essential information to remember – Contract, Student schedule… -. and post your offer on our dedicated website in partnership with JOBTEASER. Your future intern is probably at the EDC!

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10 essential information

Recruiting a trainee requires a bit of organization and knowing where to look to avoid the exercise becoming tedious. Private-sector employers are subject to strict regulations concerning internships. Where to look, when to look, how to look… Here are 10 essential tips for recruiting tomorrow’s talent for your company.

Discover the world of business.

Why hire an intern?

Recruiting an intern is a real HR decision. Recruiting a trainee is no trivial matter. Il poursuit un triple objectif :

  • Discover the world of business. The role of internship tutor comes into its own here. In other words, to train future generations, to give them a good image of the world of work and the desire to thrive in it. The internship enables students to acquire professional skills related to their training. Unlike other, more “traditional” hirings, recruiting an intern takes on a real dimension of responsibility for the company.
  • Securing recruitment.
  • Setting up trainees as true brand ambassador.

Integrating a trainee employee into the company’s workforce offers a number of significant advantages. This means we can’t recruit just anyone.

Good to know : Articles L124-1 to L124-24 and D124-1 to D124-13 of the French Education Code set out the general framework for internships and the employer’s obligations with regard to the internship agreement and payment of compensation.

recruit a trainee

What are the conditions for hiring an intern?

In order to recruit an intern, the internship must be part of a training program with a minimum teaching volume of 200 hours per year. With a minimum of 50 hours in the student’s presence.

Under no circumstances may an internship be offered for the following reasons:

  • Replace an employee in the event of absence, suspension or dismissal.
  • Carry out a regular task corresponding to a permanent workstation.
  • To cope with a temporary increase in activity.
  • Seasonal employment.

Good to know : internships outside the curriculum are prohibited.

What you need to know

Recruitment conditions

Where can I find an intern?

Universities and schools are the best breeding grounds for students looking for an internship to validate their year. This means you have a very good chance of finding the ideal trainee by knocking on the doors of establishments in your area.

The EDC Paris Business School welcomes several hundred students of different nationalities every year to train them for careers in sales and management Don’t hesitate to publish your offers on the school intranet to boost your visibility among future trainees.

The EDC Paris Business School’s Corporate Relations Department regularly organizes recruitment events to enable companies to establish a privileged relationship with students looking for an internship. This will give you the opportunity to present your company to young graduates.

Vous pouvez également diffuser vos annonces de stage sur les jobboards généralistes (RégionJob ou Welcome to the jungle) ou les réseaux sociaux professionnels (LinkedIn).

Who should I contact to recruit an intern?

If you’re urgently looking for an intern and can’t recruit quickly, don’t hesitate to contact your school or university’s corporate relations department. They will guide you in your search.

when to recruit?

Some times of the year are better than others for recruiting an intern.

Internships generally mark the end of a term, semester or academic year. Ideally, you should publish your internship offer 3 months before the desired start date..

Write a compelling ad

The trainee recruitment advertisement has a dual purpose:

  • Save your company time by targeting qualified candidates.
  • Helping trainees find a job. A complete and detailed internship offer will provide the candidate with all the information he or she needs about the proposed assignments, and help avoid disappointment.

Hence the need to refine it to make it as detailed and attractive as possible. It must contain :

  • A short, catchy title.
  • A catchphrase.
  • An introduction to the company.
  • A page presenting the missions on offer.
  • A block listing the qualities and skills expected of the candidate.
  • A block listing the conditions of the internship: duration, bonus and benefits.
  • Internship location.

Don’t forget that you’re talking to a student population. Avoid pompous jargon. The design of your recruitment ad reflects the company’s DNA.

To make the most of today’s codes, why not create a video internship offer? You’ll increase your chances of attracting tomorrow’s talent to your company.

The internship agreement

Is an internship agreement compulsory?

To recruit a trainee, it is mandatory for the trainee to have an internship agreement.

Five parties must sign it:

  • The trainee.
  • The company.
  • The educational or training establishment.
  • The referent teacher.
  • The internship tutor.

The internship agreement is the employee’s equivalent of an employment contract.

It must include the following information:

  • The purpose of the internship: the skills to be acquired.
  • Duration of internship and start and end dates.
  • Assignments.
  • The full title of the trainee’s course of study and its hourly volume per year or semester of teaching.
  • The name of the referent teacher.
  • Name of internship tutor.
  • Conditions for leave of absence.
  • The hourly rate of the gratuity and the conditions of payment.
  • Company benefits: luncheon vouchers, reimbursement of transport costs, access to the gym, etc.
  • The trainee’s social security coverage.

Does the employer have any legal obligations regarding hiring?

Trainees are not considered employees. He has student status. As a result, the employer is not required to make a declaration prior to hiring (DPAE).

The trainee’s name and surname must simply be entered in a specific section of the single personnel register, in the order of arrival.

The trainee’s name and surname must simply be entered in a specific section of the single personnel register, in the order of arrival.

Good to know: you must respect a waiting period between 2 internships. It is 1/3 of the duration of the previous course.

Duration of an internship

What is the maximum duration of an internship?

The maximum duration of an internship is 6 months maximum per teaching year

A legal calculation method is used to calculate the duration of the internship. It depends on the trainee’s actual presence on the company’s premises.

7 hours of presence, consecutive or not = 1 day of presence.

22 days’ presence = 1 month’s presence.

924 hours’ attendance = 6 months’ internship.

How are interns paid?

The remuneration provided for trainees is called ainternship bonus. Payment by the company is compulsory only if recruitment exceeds 2 consecutive months in the same year. For periods of less than 2 months, bonuses are at the employer’s discretion.

The minimum amount paid for each hour of effective presence is 3.90 euros.

The gratuity is due at the end of each month.