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Business presentations

Develop your employer brand by presenting your company and its various jobs to our students. These meetings, rich in privileged exchanges, are an opportunity to highlight your specificities and help make our graduates aware of the reality of the professional world.

Come and try it: our talented students are keen to meet you!

richness and diversity of your professions

Company visits

Company visits are an effective way for students to discover the wealth and diversity of your work in a real professional environment. The aim of company visits is for you to present your history, industry, organisation, markets, specific characteristics and one or more key departments (marketing, sales, finance, etc.).

A unique opportunity for rewarding discussions when you meet the talented people who could be your future.


Opening seminars

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Practical workshops

Career workshops

We run practical workshops throughout the year to help students find a placement or a job: help with all the tools necessary for successful applications (CV, covering letter, interview…), interventions by companies and presentation of the various jobs related to the School’s specialisations. A genuine opportunity, strongly recommended to help define your career plan and find your niche.

Forums, speed-meeting...

Tailor-made events

Several times each year our School organises bespoke events (forums, speed meetings, etc.) so that you can meet our graduates… and offer placements, work-study programs or jobs to the talented people you are seeking.

A professional rendezvous that’s not to be missed!


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