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The Student – Employee Stream| A cross portrait of T. Jouanny (Product Manager) and D. Lalande (Marketing Manager) with Mitsubishi Motors Automobiles France



Which job do you hold today ?

Delphine Lalande: Maketing Manager with MMAF, importer of Mitsubishi Motors in France. My responsibilities include the Product Operations, Communication, Logistics and Purchasing of new vehicles.

Thomas Jouanny: Product Manager with MMAF. My responsibilities include the management of the Mitsubishi Motors range of vehicles. Under the supervision of Delphine Lalande, I am in charge of: the launching the brand’s new vehicles in France, the product range definition, the pricing policy, the monitoring of competition, the market performance reporting, etc.

Thomas Jouanny: What made you choose the student-employee stream ?

First of all, the choice of the student-employee stream was made possible thanks to EDC Paris BS and its academic staff.

My love for cars dates back to my childhood. With the help of EDC Paris’ alumni network I was able to find my first professional internship (end of the 2nd year) with MMAF, importer of Mitsubishi Motors in France. Thus, I had the opportunity to work for a world famous car manufacturer with an impressive track record with victories in the Dakar raid or in WRC.

I had the pleasure of discovering a convivial human-size company, which didn’t hesitate to give responsibilities to all its employees. This was a most interesting internship and I was able to carry out several projects. Then, after I spent my year off working for MMAF, time came to finish my studies at EDC Paris BS. I was involved in so many projects at the end of my internship that I couldn’t tear myself away from the company. At that point, I spoke to the Dean of studies who suggested the student-employee stream.

This experience allows me to pursue a fascinating work while combining theory and practice. I am truly lucky to be able to put directly into practice many of the theoretical concepts studied in class. Even if I am not always able to attend all the classes I definitely have an advantage other my fellow students who only follow an academic career. My results speak for themselves. I am truly convinced that it is a real opportunity and an asset for me to be able to follow this student-employee stream. Finally, a point, which has reinforced my opinion of this stream, is the added value this 3-year work experience will give to my résumé once I will have obtained my diploma in entrepreneurial management from EDC Paris.

Delphine Lalande, why a student from EDC Paris BS ? Was it a coincidence ? An encounter ? A deliberate choice ?

No, it was not a coincidence! The connection between EDC Paris BS and my Department was made through David Dumont (EDC class of 2003), who is presently Head of Communications in my team. And it was an excellent initiative! The decision concerning Thomas Jouanny, imposed itself: Thomas had done an excellent work during his internship and he wished to keep on working for us, and on our side we needed him.


Today, what conclusions can you draw from this collaboration ?

For now nearly 4 years we have taken on several EDC Paris BS interns for different missions and I have to admit that all have proved to be quality individuals: valuable, dynamic, and willing to learn. EDC Paris BS has naturally become one of our key partners when it comes to finding interns. It is a most fruitful collaboration.

Regarding the employee program in which Thomas is involved we are quite satisfied. It demands a bit of organization, but that doesn’t hurt!

What is in store for this collaboration ?

We will keep on offering different mission in line with marketing and sales, sales and after-sales. We have tested the student–employee program with one student and we are convinced of its benefits. Needless to say, it requires that the student be fully invested both in his job and in school. It demands a great work capacity and a faultless sense of organization! It’s a great way to put a foot in the door of the working world and to learn how to manage priorities.

As far as Thomas is concerned the primary objective of his student–employee status was to be able (as far as it is possible) to offer him a permanent job after his graduation. We are still thinking along these lines and we will talk about it together in 2016.