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Mot du Directeur

Le mot du Directeur



EDC Paris Business School provides its students with a broad-based high-level education, confirmed by the authorization to deliver a Master’s Degree approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

Fourth and fifth year students have a choice of 7 majors : Finance-Control- Audit, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, E-Business confers a double degree in partnership with Efreitech (Groupe Efrei) that can be prepared via a professionalization contract, Bank and Insurance also available with a professionalization contract; and the latest addition, opening in 2016, is the Creative Industry Management major in partnership with 3iS (Institut International de l’Image et du Son). The School, as an independent entity, offers apprenticeship and double degree programs in the graduate cycle.

The school, with its strong international orientation is ranked in the top tier of the ‘Conférence des Grandes Ecoles’ in respect to foreign languages and inter-cultural skills. This international dimension opens multiple doors and comes with obligations for students as they can do their internships in foreign countries or prepare double degrees in exchange programs with one of our 85 renowned partner universities; but they are also required to spend at least two semesters in a foreign university, usually within an exchange program such as ERASMUS.

EDC Paris Business School has entrepreneurship at the core of its DNA. The school belongs to its Alumni, all of whom are entrepreneurs. This ‘will to create’ makes of the school a reference amid the French leaders of entrepreneurship. EDC Paris Business School encourages its young creators (representing an average of 20% per class) throughout their schooling. More specifically by offering students the possibility of following a special  Entrepreneurial Track, right from the first year, and by the possible financial assistance they can obtain from EDC Capital.

This spirit runs through all the specializations as entrepreneurship is: a state of mind, a creative drive, the desire to carry a project to its completion, the will to succeed and also the ability to cope with difficulties using them to bounce back regardless of the professional environment.

One of EDC Paris Business School’ major strengths, and primary concern, is to enable graduates to rapidly find the job of their choice. The employment rate of our young graduates is one of the best in France: they are hired right out of school and enjoy noteworthy salaries especially in the luxury sector where EDC Paris Business School’ wide expertise is boosted by ‘Sup de Luxe’ and the ‘Chair Cartier’.

A key asset of the school resides in its Alumni network spearheaded by the association, Force EDC, which plays an important role in facilitating professional integration by proposing business assignments, internships and job opportunities. Force EDC also dispenses relevant advice and feedback to EDC Paris Business School allowing it to fine tune its teachings to the needs expressed by enterprises. Seconded by the EDC Paris Business School team, the school’s 14,000 alumni will be on hand to welcome young graduates in the professional world and assist them in their careers !


Emmanuel Carré
Directeur Pédagogique
Directeur Général adjoint